Angela Epstein: ‘Casual sexism – the non-feminist view’

Our thanks to K for pointing us to this new piece by Angela Epstein, an estimable journalist and broadcaster, and ‘Maggie’ award winner:

Hmm… we wonder what Laura Bates thinks about wolf-whistles from construction workers? By feminist standards she’s not unattractive, and the day will surely come when she’ll be annoyed by the absence of wolf-whistles. Will she whine about that? Of course she will.


One thought on “Angela Epstein: ‘Casual sexism – the non-feminist view’

  1. I listened to this hour long programme to the end, and while there was indeed a balanced debate in the early part of the programme, in which Kate Smurthwaite did lose it at one point and exposed the humourlessness of feminism, the latter half of the programme reverted to the typical BBC imbalance, allowing 2 women to make the feminist case unopposed, while presenter Nicky Campbell made sympathetic noises.
    At one stage a man phoned who was a bag-pipe player and who said that 4 or 5 times during any evening performance, he would be asked what he had under his kilt, and even having women raise it sometimes to have a look. He put the very reasonable point that if he went round doing that to women he would end up on register. During this exchange, giggling could be heard in the background, and the presenter, Nicky Campbell, told him not to be ridiculous. This is another example of the BBC failing in its Charter duty to present impartial broadcasts.

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