2 thoughts on “Police allow Melanie Sykes to keep her gun license

  1. She is now taking part in an advertising compaign for “Take a break” magazine. The magazine company put out an advert, just before she joined the campaign, that jokes about slapping and mutilating husbands, so she is a good match to the values of the magazine apparently.

    A copy of the advert is here on Youtube
    I have reported it for promotion of hatred. It has been broadcast on cable channels this month.

  2. Interesting indeed. Reading the stuff with the sexes reversed I see Jack gets a lot of victim blaming, in that – though he was assaulted – somehow he “deserved it” or was bad for calling the police. I tend to agree with comments that the preferential treatment over the gun licence reflects a combination of celebrity and fragile female. Needless to say I can’t find any concern for Jack though he’s the one who got walloped.

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