Vera Baird’s response to our recent public challenge concerning domestic violence

We’ve issued public challenges to many gender feminists (and their male collaborators) and we always email the people in question to make them aware of our challenges. They seldom even acknowledge receipt of the emails, and we’ve never had a substantive response from any of them – until yesterday.

We recently issued a public challenge to Vera Baird QC, a gender feminist former Labour MP in the mould of Harriet Harman, and currently the Police and Crime Commissioner of Northumbria. Our blog piece on the challenge:

The challenge:

Almost 300 studies and reports from around the world show that women are as physically aggressive or more aggressive than men towards their intimate partners:

Given the large numbers of male victims of domestic violence in Northumbria, what commitment will you be making – if any – to increase the number of convictions of female perpetrators of domestic violence, thereby driving down the incidences of violence against men and children?

Late on Friday we were surprised but delighted to receive an email from a lady working for Ms Baird, with her response. We’ve made a number of comments in response to the points she made, and asked a number of questions. The exchange can be found on the link below, and we’ll update you with the exchange as it develops.

140110 An exchange between Vera Baird QC and J4MB on the topic of domestic abuse

Ms Baird has, you will note, not yet responded to our challenge.

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