Have the ladies at The Fawcett Society been overdosing on the Stupid Pills again? It would seem so.

Of all the ridiculous feminist organisations in the UK, The Fawcett Society (a charity for the past 150+ years) has a special place in our hearts. They reliably peddle narratives which have been exposed as dishonest and misleading year after year… year after year… year after year… one of their favourites being the ‘gender pay gap’. Once factors such as line of work, seniority etc. have been taken into account, the gender gap disappears. Well, almost. Because 60%+ of graduates have been women for a number of years, in the 21-30 age group women on average earn more than men. Do the Fawcett ladies whine about that on the grounds of gender equality? Ha.

Anyone dispassionately interested in the subject of the gender pay gap, at least anyone with an IQ above that of a particularly dim fruit fly, knows all this. Maybe even the Fawcett ladies secretly know it? We can but hope so, and that it troubles their dark little hearts. But we doubt it. They cherish their dark little hearts.

So why do they keep peddling their absurd narratives? Simple. It’s the only way these ridiculous and otherwise unemployable harridans could possibly raise the money to fund their miserable existences. I’ve just received an email from the ladies – I really must ‘unsubscribe’ from their emails, even if it costs money to do so. You might like to pour a stiff drink before reading the content, which takes up the rest of this blog post:

“You will have read in our last message about Equal Pay Day – the day when women effectively start to work for nothing, because by then men will have earned, on average, as much as women will earn for the whole year.

Yesterday, the Office for National Statistics published new figures on hourly wages.

After years of steady progress, the pay gap has widened and for full time workers now stands at 15.7 per cent, an almost 1 per cent jump on last year’s 14.8 per cent gap.

This is a watershed moment in the battle for equal pay, and could not come at a worse time. Women’s incomes are being squeezed on all sides – two thirds of the savings from benefit caps and cuts are coming from women’s pockets.

We are working to challenge this, and are fighting hard to shore up women’s financial security.

We must act now but we need your help

The run up to the 2015 general election is a critical time for us to influence these issues. Manifestos are being written right now and this represents a major opportunity for Fawcett to persuade the parties to prioritise women’s equality.

We will be doing everything we can to ensure that women get a fair deal, from pushing for greater representation of women in positions of power and influence in politics, to demanding action to improve women’s access to and status within the workforce … and lots more. But to do this we need funds.

Donate to our fighting fund!

Please help us make sure women are part of the political debate by making a Christmas donation to our fighting fund.

Click here to make a donation, or request a donation form to return in the post.

We hope you will give whatever you can to help us keep up the pressure and work to ensure all the election manifestos contain commitments to protecting and progressing women’s equality.

Every donation will be used wherever the opportunity is greatest to achieve greater gender equality.

Forwarding this message onto just two of your friends could double the income from this appeal.

Why not spread the message by telling the community you’ve supported Fawcett’s fighting fund through Twitter and Facebook?

Thank you for all your support.”

About Mike Buchanan

I'm a men's human rights advocate, writer, and publisher. My primary focus is leading the political party I launched in 2013, Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them). I still work actively on two campaigns I launched in early 2012, Campaign for Merit in Business and the Anti-Feminism League. In 2014 I launched The Alternative Sexism Project, aiming to raise public understanding that the sexism faced by men and boys has far more grievous consequences than the sexism faced by women and girls.
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  • Jericho One

    Ideology goes hand in hand with self interest.

  • Absolutely Jericho. The Society rarely shows interest in issues outside their main thrust; more privileges for already very privileged women. However despite peddling half truths and sometimes blatant lies they have been very effective. Don’t under estimate them JfM&B.

    • Thanks. I don’t underestimate them, I simply think their influence has been zero, or close to it, for decades. Their sole objective is to keep leeching off gullible women. They pretend women are under assault while it’s clear feminism has been the default ideology of the Establishment for 30+ years. So they’re necessarily reduced to plead for equality in a way that means extending female privilege. As an example, despite two-thirds of public sector workers being women, they complain of women being fired disproportionately. Well, if they weren’t, the proportion of women in the public sector would only rise yet further. I can’t remember the last piece of information from Fawcett which wasn’t laughable. Their hatred of men pervades everything they say and do.

      • Jericho One

        The disparity in pay between the public and private sector is staggering – the last attempt at an objective survey that I’m aware of, concluded that public-sector employees were 30% better off in real terms.

        Where I live, if you are not a state employee, you are a serf, as most of the other jobs are in retail, food production and distribution. My retail area manager lives in a crowded council house and drives a Skoda, yet has tremendous responsibilities and workload. Yet the women I’ve known in the public sector were earning around 25k for simple admin jobs…

        Even the lowest paid public-sector workers are now on £7.45 (the so-called living wage) and have numerous benefits and perks like good pension provision, paid sick days, more holidays, commuting schemes and subsidised social events. In stark contrast, the typical low-paid private-sector worker is on £6.31, has a zero-hour or temporary contract, no paid sick days, no paid holidays, no pension provision or any other perks/allowances whatsoever; yet is still expected to pay council tax… I suppose they need all they funding they can get when their priorities include erecting a statue of a suffragette at our famous historical market square and other such vanity projects.

        The only public-sector job I’ve ever applied for was for a handyman, it was about 8 years ago. 100s of males applied for the job and a few females. We were told at the test centre that the council was going to give preferential treatment to female applicants because they were ‘underrepresented in this field’. The glossy, full-colour vacancy advertisement brochure had 7 images of women doing manual work and only one black male. I wish I’d kept it for a laugh.

        It must have cost the taxpayer 1000s and many weeks just to process and interview all the male applicants (I had a lengthy interview by 3 people for instance – an Asian women, a hippie women and a girly man), even though we had little chance of being successful. Still, they have to keep up the pretence of ‘fairness’ and ‘equal opportunity’ I suppose….

  • Jericho One

    Correction: should say: “I suppose they need all ‘the’ funding they….”

  • I think they are just like American TV evangelists that keep asking for money to help God. What does any God need money for!! The people who runs these scams seem to be rather rich and do not give this money to do “gods work”. In this case it is the god of feminism. Their website is full of deliberate one sided misleading analysis using bait and switch emotive language.

    Their favourite is the pay gap and next the lack of female politiians. Women have the right to be an MP since 1919, that is a nearly a hundred years to make up their minds and all women short list still cannot make them want to be an MP. When they are trying to maintain control over the existing parties why do they need a single woman MP anyhow.

    As we know there is no pay gap and since1975 the 1970 equal pay act has been enforced to protect the wages of both men and women. The feminism have a way round the equal pay act for Council Workers called Single Status job evaluation which has the side effect of women in comfortable office/in door jobs trying to get paid the same as men who work outdoors, in all weathers and do more arduous labour. This they claim is Equal value work. Do you think a refuse worker is the same as a dinner lady? If they got the same pay I do not think a single dinner lady would switch jobs. I know the answer because I asked my mother who was a dinner lady as one of her jobs.

    This is the sort of thing the Society is in favour of. Guess which female-dominated job is exempt from the Single Status job evaluation – Teaching. I wonder why that is.

    • Wimbledon is an other example that uses the Single Status job evaluation logic. 5 set per match for men and on 3 sets per match for women but “equal value work” means equal prize money for less female work.