‘I made a stand for women’: Wife who says £20m divorce deal isn’t enough declares she is a champion of women’s rights

The tale of a woman who told a court she ‘needed’ £25 million in her divorce settlement to buy a house in London’s exclusive Belgravia:


I fail to see what on earth Mrs Young has done to deserve £1 million, let alone the £20 million she’ll actually be receiving, never mind the £300 million she was seeking. She called the £20 million settlement a ‘disgrace’. To my mind the most notable disgrace in this whole story is the audacious scale of her greed.

Any man who marries without a legally binding prenuptial agreement must surely have several screws loose. We’ll be calling for mandatory prenuptial agreements in our 2015 general election manifesto. The wording in our public consultation document http://j4mb.org.uk/our-public-consultation-exercise-2/ is currently:

The government should introduce compulsory prenuptial agreements for couples planning to marry. Couples who cohabit but don’t marry will be deemed to have signed a standard prenuptial agreement on the day they first cohabited. After taking account of the reasonable accommodation needs of any children involved, the division of assets will be in line with the relative earnings of the two individuals following the date of marriage (or first cohabitation), and individuals will retain the assets they owned on the date of their marriage (or first cohabitation).

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