Mumsnet contributors: ‘Whiny Women of the Month’

We recently launched The Alternative Sexism Project which has already catalogued numerous examples of anti-male sexist behaviour and comments, many of them immensely damaging to men (and boys). They make the comments sent to The Everyday Sexism Project seem laughable by comparison.

Around the same time we launched The Whine Club, whose members will be whiny women:

Laura Bates, the founder and driving force behind The Everyday Sexism Project, is the country’s most prominent whine collector, so we made her the inaugural member of The Whine Club. We invited people to propose names for ‘Whiny Woman of the Month’ and we’ve been inundated with suggestions, as expected. But we’d like to thank Alice J, a British ‘Honey Badger’ – an anti-feminist woman – for suggesting we present a collective award, ‘Whiny Women of the Month’, to the majority of contributors to Mumsnet We’ve duly presented them with the award, for November:

131122 Mumsnet contributors’ ‘Whiny Women of the Month’ award certificate

For a flavour of what these whiny women find time in their lives to whine about, the following takes some beating. It concerns a new BBC children’s series, Topsy and Tim:

The idea that the taxpayer-funded and feminist-riddled BBC might commission a series which ‘reinforces gender stereotypes’ – i.e. suggesting that boys are girls might be different in any way other than physically – is laughable, so the response of the BBC to the tsunami of whining is predictable. From the article:

A BBC spokesperson said: “We’re very pleased to be able to bring the Topsy and Tim stories alive for our young viewers to enjoy. It’s very early in the series and all of the characters develop over the coming episodes – after the near-disastrous playdate in the programme in question, we see how the children learn to mix up their friends and choice of games, finding that   it’s much more fun if they all play together.

“Throughout the series we will also see so-called ‘traditional’ boy/girl preferences inverted, but always driven by the children’s emotional journeys as they mature as individuals and face the timeless milestones of childhood such as learning to ride bikes, getting their first pet and starting school. We hope our young viewers will enjoy going on those exciting journeys with Topsy and Tim.”

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