Why a hell of a lot of men will probably vote J4MB or UKIP

I’ve been very pleased at the comments posted in response to the blog piece Ally Fogg posted today:


I was about to take Harriet Harman, our grumpy Doberman, for her late-night walk when a new comment appeared on Ally’s blog piece. It was so uplifting I couldn’t resist posting it here. It takes up the rest of this post.

123454321 commented on The stupid, the hypocritical and the downright evil: A response to Justice 4 Men and Boys.

in response to hetpatftb:

Earlier this year, Mike Buchanan, a British Men’s Rights Activist, announced the formation of Justice for Men and Boys (and the women who love them) a political party which he hopes to be standing in the 2015 general election. The announcement was enough to generate a small flurry of media reports, including an interview on […]


Allow me to tell you something in plain old simple English. I am a man and I am sick of being ignored. I am sick of hearing how bad women have it in this country when in actual fact they have exactly the same opportunities as men and probably live safer lives as a result of being afforded greater protection. The amount of media attention that women get is grossly disproportionate and way out of context. Feminism has completely brain-washed the public (via the media) into believing that only women can have it bad. This trend is relentless in its pursuit to indoctrinate our society with the notion that women’s rights is unparalleled in terms of social importance and now it appears we’re in a rut which is bringing significant harm to men and our young generation of boys.

I’m sick of hearing about women on boards, no, seriously I am, and I can pretty much guarantee that there are millions of men who feel the same. There are far too many do-gooders (usually either feminists, white knights or people just a wee bit dense between the ears) who are too scared to stand up for the principles of merit. I’m sick of hearing about how the government should support getting more women on boards when I don’t hear a single thing about getting more women to do some of the other important jobs, which, incidentally contribute to 98% of workplace deaths! The term ‘cherry-picking’ springs to mind!

I’m fed up of hearing about violence against women when there is FAR more violence against men in today’s World. I’m sick of hearing about female genital mutilation without reference to male genital mutilation. And I’m sick of politicians and their ‘female friendly’ policies, which quite frankly are wearing thin. I’m also sick to death of every other advert demonising men, making them look like idiotic morons or sexually objectifying them in an age which, apparently, sees this as acceptable. I’m sick of reading about how lads’ mags should get banned whilst no one contemplates the damage that wrestling mags may have on young boys and it’s unbelievable how zero reference is made to the plethora of underaged shirtless boys there are in girls magazines who are plainly there for the pleasure of girls. I’m sick of how the news reports disasters as comprising of ‘women and children’ . Can you imagine tomorrow’s headlines as: “Disaster strikes. Over 150 killed including 40 men and children”? I thought not! The list goes on and on…

Actually, I’ve come to realise that indeed the pendulum has swung so far the other way that it’s now stuck in the freaking ceiling, held there by a bunch of hypocritical, selfish, self-centred, bigoted, illogical feminists and white knights who are holding it up by the skin of their teeth. It’s time to let go and set that pendulum ticking again because things have already got way out of hand. I read your first couple of paragraphs and this is what made me put pen to paper:

To be blunt, I was less than impressed by the idea and saw no particular reason to add to whatever publicity was already afloat. If I’m honest, I was kind of hoping that if we all ignored it, it would go away.

Let me enlighten you – it won’t go away. Mike is doing a sterling job and he’s representing millions of men like me who are sick of reading, watching and listening to feministic trash that does more harm to society than good. I am all for equality and equal opportunity, I believe that men and women are of equal importance and should be afforded equal rights and protection. it’s just that enough is enough and the petty little game that most political parties are playing whereby they pander to women in the hope to get their votes has become as transparent as glass and is highly offensive.

And in a nutshell (because I haven’t even scratched the surface) that’s why a hell of a lot of men will probably vote J4MB or UKIP.

About Mike Buchanan

I'm a men's human rights advocate, writer, and publisher. My primary focus is leading the political party I launched in 2013, Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them). I still work actively on two campaigns I launched in early 2012, Campaign for Merit in Business and the Anti-Feminism League. In 2014 I launched The Alternative Sexism Project, aiming to raise public understanding that the sexism faced by men and boys has far more grievous consequences than the sexism faced by women and girls.
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  • Passion!
    Love it.

  • Well said Mike, and I am sure the J4MB party will poll well in the election!!

  • The commenter exactly expresses the exasperation J4MB needs to harness.

  • I am glad to see your getting the thoughtful and impassioned (yes, they can coexist) support that you rightly deserve, Mike.

    Allly Fogg has some of the knowledge necessary to be helpful to the issues of men and boys. Sad to say the only thing he actually does with that knowledge is use it to feign authority when he bashes anyone who is actually working to ameliorate their problems.

    I understand the hyperbole in the realm of gender politics, but I don’t think I am contributing to that problem to say that Fogg is sinister and untrustworthy. His purpose is to demean any and all legitimate advocacy under the banner of occasionally parroting sympathy for the issues faced by men and boys.

    Thankfully, he will fail at that tactic. And the reason for it is echoed most articulately in the comment you posted. Men (and women) are getting sick of the feminist narrative. They are getting sick of the problems of men and boys being ignored. They are speaking up about it without reservation or apology. That phenomenon is growing; trending — in the digital vernacular.

    Men like Fogg cannot succeed in creating his own venue and thus must rely on piggy backing on the transparently misandric likes of FTB and other outlets in order to have an audience at all. His ideas, despite being cloaked in modern rhetoric, are every bit as archaic and regressive as the idea that women are more important, valuable and precious than men.

    It’s an idea he can only sell to a choir that is shrinking and becoming more hysterical.

    • Paul, many thanks. I take all you say on board but at least Ally has given the matter some publicity through his post, whatever his motivations. And many of the commenters posted very favourable things about the contents of our consultation document. No prominent bloggers or journalists on the right (in the UK at least) has gone so far. There are too many on the right whose writings clearly show them to be anti-feminists, but they’d never self-identify as such publicly.

      Ally said this morning that in the next day or two he’s going to do a post on the problems faced by men and boys, and his solutions to them. That should be interesting. Good to see Dean powerfully debunking some of the outrageous slurs against AVfM and your good self in the comment stream.