Cry rape for a UK visa

My thanks to the supporter who’s just sent me the following local newspaper article about his experience of facing false rape allegations, and the use of such allegations by women to gain a UK visa:

There’s no doubt such cases lead to innocent men committing suicide. It could very well have done so in this particular case. After being cleared by a judge at Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester, when the Crown offered no evidence against him, the husband said:

The telephone evidence showed that she had texted me daily in that period, to say she loved me, to ask me what I wanted to eat when I came home from work, or sometimes to ask whether I minded if she could stay with her sisters. Why did it take a year of my life to gather the evidence against her? If my employers, some of my friends and my family had not helped me in that period, I think I might have killed myself.

She put me through hell for a year. I have received no apologies or explanations for what happened. It is now blatantly obvious that her family was scrounging from the welfare system and arranging to get benefits for her, even before she became British. Yet the authorities just couldn’t care less, throwing money and support at women who cry rape with no evidence.

I asked the CPS why they dropped the case and they said it was something to do with her visa status which they were monitoring on a monthly basis. I can only guess that when her student visa was expiring around November 2012 she panicked and applied for the DV visa to continue to stay in the country. She’s still in Oldham. I saw her across the street last week.

It seems it was her actions as regards her visa status that finally made the authorities drop the case, not my evidence. Furthermore, if she hasn’t been granted a DV visa, then technically she has been illegal since November 2012, despite the UK Border Agency being involved in the police case. She is still living in Oldham. No-one seems to be doing anything about her and police have told me they won’t be charging her with any offence.

Once again we see women in the UK are above the law, even women with no genuine right to live here after their grounds for remaining here (alleged DV) have been disproved in a court of law. If this is patriarchy, I’m a Waldorf salad.

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