David Cameron declines to call himself a feminist. An odd position for the man who won Anti-Feminism League’s ‘Toady of the Year (2012)’ award…

An article by the odious Janet Street-Porter about David Cameron’s ‘women problem’, and his disinclination to call himself a feminist when asked a question on the matter by Red magazine recently:


EVERYTHING Dave has done in opposition and in power, whenever there’s a potential gender angle to government policies or legislation, has been resolutely anti-male and pro-female. The acid test? The Fawcett Society have been more quiet during the course of the current government than the three preceding Labour governments in which Harriet Harman was dictating gender policies which struck at the heart of civil society.

Relative to the number of Conservative MPs who are women, women are already over-represented in the Cabinet, as we reported in an earlier post. We can be sure that the upcoming reshuffle will increase that over-representation yet further, and Dave will appoint new female ministers who, had they been men with so little experience and expertise, would have attracted derision in the media.

So is Dave a feminist? Despite his answer to Red magazine, of course he is. He is now, and always has been. He was a deserving winner of the ‘Toady of the Year (2012)’ award. It was contained in a blog post for an associated blog, that of the Anti-Feminism League, in May 2012. The certificate, which has drawn a lot of favourable comment for the photograph embedded in it, is downloadable from this link:


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