Your new employee, Krista Milburn

Yesterday we put up a post about a feminist, Kristina Milburn, which attracted a considerable number of ‘hits’.

Ms Milburn posted ‘clarifications’ – for example, that she no longer advocates for ICD (International Castration Day) – on the very day (last Tuesday, 3 September) that AVfM’s John the Other posted the following powerful piece, which for some reason we missed first time around:

As usual with AVfM, both the article and the resulting comments are well worth reading. The defences of Ms Milburn by men – ‘white knights’ – are truly shocking. These men are in the same moral position as Jews who supported the Holocaust in World War 2.

Can it be a coincidence that both the AVfM piece and Ms Milburn’s ‘clarifications’ were posted on the same day? It appears highly unlikely to us.

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