Krista Milburn, ‘Femitheist’, advocates for ‘a new humanity, a New World’ with a 90:10 (female-male) gender ratio, but no longer advocates for ICD (International Castration Day)

Whenever I’m told by feminists that feminists don’t advocate for achieving female supremacy through violence against men, or the threat of it, I refer them to the late Valerie Solanas She was the feminist who shot and very nearly killed Andy Warhol in 1968 (direct heart massage saved his life). The previous year she wrote a book, ‘The SCUM Manifesto’ – SCUM is the acronym of ‘Society for Cutting up Men’ – and this is Wikipedia’s piece on the book:

The book urges women to:

… overthrow the government, eliminate the money system, institute complete automation and eliminate the male sex.

Whenever I’ve mentioned the book to feminists, they’ve countered that modern feminists regard Solanas as insane, and the book isn’t influential. While Solanas was undoubtedly insane, the book was highly influential, and remains so. We know it’s read and highly regarded in militant feminist circles. It was written and published in 1967, 46 years ago, and it’s still in print. It’s been reprinted 10 times and translated into 13 languages. If those aren’t signs of an influential book, I don’t know what is.

I’ve written about Solanas and her evil book by way of introducing you to an outstanding new piece by a man I admire, Lucien Valsan, just published by ‘A Voice for Men’. He describes himself thus on AVfM:

Hated by the local feminists, despised by most ideologues and appreciated by high profile debate societies, Lucian Vâlsan is the Romanian guy that will tell you unapologetically that misandry has no language barrier. He is also the European News Director for AVfM, the host of The Voice of Europe radio program, and can be reached at

His new piece concerns Krista Milburn, ‘Femitheist’, whose YouTube channel has over 11,000 followers. Krista is evidently a person with influence in militant feminist circles. Lucien’s article points to one of her websites, and some ‘clarifications’ she posted last week:

From the ‘clarifications’ we learn Ms Milburn once advocated for ICD (International Castration Day) but no longer does so. However, note the following extract:

… because ICD could be considered unnecessary violence, I dropped it.

Could be considered…? She says:

I do advocate the creation of a new humanity, a New World, and a 90:10 (female – male) ratio, but I do not endorse achieving this by engaging in any sort of killing, genocide, or any other enactments of violence against anyone.

Lucien’s comparisons of people such as Krista Milburn with Charles Manson, Adolf Hitler, and Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, are both perceptive and chilling. Are we destined to repeat history and not take Milburn, and people like her, very seriously? Given that only a small (albeit growing) proportion of the general public understands feminism is a hate-driven female supremacy movement, it would seem so. Lucien’s article:

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  • Just for information purposes: I don’t know if Icelandic is among those 13 languages you talk about. But the SCUM manifesto was translated into Icelandic and published in august 2009. The publication was advertised on the National Feminist Organization’s e-mail list. The words used to describe Solanas and her book are all but negative, she is said to be ‘super-cool’ and the lines quoted are those that she wants to kill all males which she likens to walking dildoes.

    As a reply, Gudrun Jonsdottir, head of Stigamot (The best funded feminist organization in the country) thanked the feminist for the ad but warned against discussing the book and it’s contents outside of innermost feminist circles. Not because the book was full of mysandry but because it could have negative impact on the image of the femninist movement as it did in Sweden.

    Quite telling isn’t it?

  • Reblogueó esto en Los españoles se merecen saberlo, por la Paz y la verdadera Igualdad en España!y comentado:
    Valerie Solanas fue la feminista que disparó y casi mató a Andy Warhol en 1968 al año siguiente de escribir el libro, “El Manifiesto SCUM”

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