One thought on “Roberta West Nicholson: MHRA (1935)

  1. When women have babies, approximately 51% of the time they give birth to boys (1). Thus those women who bear sons will have a direct and personal interest in seeing that their boys have a good deal in life. It must come as a real shock to many of those mothers when, if they are sufficiently observant to be able to work out what is going on, they realise that their sons are being set up for a raw deal in so many aspects of their lives.

    Hence there is now a small but growing band of women who are prepared to speak up publicly about the injustices that will be, or already are being, inflicted on their flesh and blood. Hallelujah, the more of these women the merrier!! For too long, the Feminists have been making all the running in western societies.

    Mike, please be assured that I will have no hesitation in recommending the J4MB website to mothers who give birth to boys.

    (1) , page 5.

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