Woman police inspector ‘humiliated’ by failing riot test wins up to £30,000

On today’s AVfM weekly news round-up


there’s a piece that’s hardly news – it dates from June 2011 – but it hadn’t come to our attention before:


AVfM’s comment on the piece:

Millions of men throughout history have failed to pass certain physical tests that their employment depends upon.  It has always been met with acceptance because, lets face it, there are some jobs you simply should not be allowed to perform if you do not pass the physical requirements.  Of course if you are a woman you don’t have to take failing a test sitting down.  You can simply say you were humiliated and earn 30,000 pounds in a UK court for feeling ‘humiliated’ because you were 51 years old and could not pass a test that many men could not pass if they were 30.


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