Life After Women: ‘Interview with a herbivore’

Barely a day goes by in which I don’t learn of an interesting new MHRA, blog, or website, through ‘A Voice for Men’ From time to time I’ve read about Japanese ‘Grass Eaters’ or ‘Herbivores’ – the significant proportion (often said to be 40%+) of young-to-middle-aged Japanese men who consciously avoid intimate relationships with individual women. But detailed information has been hard to come by.

How do these Japanese men compare with the currently small proportion of Western men who self-identify as MGTOWs (Men Going Their Own Way)? A new piece on AVfM provides some answers to that intriguing question. I share the interviewer’s analysis that the number of Western MGTOWs is going to climb steadily.

Fewer men are going to volunteer for slavery as the months and years roll by. How could it be otherwise? And how will women respond to this challenging reality – by continuing to whine, ‘Where have all the good men gone’? When will women realise they need to look in the mirror to answer the question? Men have – at long last – started to ask themselves the question, ‘Where have all the good women gone?’

The link to the ‘Life After Women’ file:

The link to the ‘Life After Women’ YouTube library:

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