Heather MacDonald: The campus rape myth

My thanks to Melissa for pointing me towards a lengthy but impressive article in City Journal, first published in 2008:


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  • I agree that Heather Mac Donald’s impressive dissection of the US Campus Rape Myths a is a must read.

    It helps to explain the bizzare attitudes and content being generated at The Guardian by US Bloggers who have been allowed to set up camp. Oddities such as Amanda Marcotte, Jill Filipovic, Alexandra Brodsky … and they are so incompetent that they write for a US audience in a UK publication. (Smacks Of Desperation and a rejection by Huffy Post).

    I’s also recommend the work that Heather Mac Donald’ excellent piece is based upon such as Who Stole Feminism – published 1994 – Dr Christina Hoff Sommers. She has a whole section of the book dealing with the same issues 15 years earlier.

    Researching the “Rape Culture” of America – Chapter 7 of her book is available on line with the permission of Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers. Read It here – http://www.leaderu.com/real/ri9502/sommers.html

    The issues of scientific fraud and falsified evidence have been ongoing since Gloria Steinem and Ms Magazine claimed in 1985 that 1 in 4 US university women will be raped at University. Steinem also got slapped for claiming that 150,000 US students died per year from Anorexia, and when asked where she got the Bunkum data from couldn’t explain it away. The Doyens of US feminism Love rape as an emotive control issue – and one they can use as American History too. All their poor White American Pioneers in fear of savages and black slaves rapin god fearing white women.

    The Resulting Woozles and wrong headed evidence have become Rape Mythology – just as the real source of Rape Culture has been white washed out of Feminist History – They just can’t cope with Black African American Men In Prison (Prisoner’s Against Rape Inc) Working with the First US rape crisis centre founded by Black African American Women in Washington DC, and Oscar winning Film makers making a Documentary about it.

    It takes a massive level of denial, educational/academic fraud and indoctrination to become so successful in denying reality … as well as perpetuation the ongoing issues of racism in US centric feminism which as a media presence and circus is controlled by White Middle Class Women.

    It is odd how the Open Letter from Black Women to SlutWalk Organizers highlighted the Racism in US White faced feminism, but the full implications of that racism are still not being addressed.

    If you buy the Rape Culture Myth it comes with a great deal of baggage – and the worst part of that is having to by into both the US Centric Academic Fraud and Racism that still allow it to flourish and to be exploited.