Policewoman sets dog on non-violent man, beats him to the ground

Two months ago we published a post on a bibliography of 286 investigations on Intimate Partner Violence (‘IPV’). All the resulting reports and studies showed that women are as at least as physically aggressive as men with respect to IPV:


Woman’s Hour recently had a feature on male victims of domestic violence (‘DV’). The two female commentators repeatedly returned the narrative back to female victims of DV, and even dishonoured male victims of DV by suggesting many of them were perpetrators. There was, of course, no recognition that female perpetrators ever presented themselves as victims. The audio file is here:


Decade after decade, the ‘men are violent, women are victims’ narrative has been peddled by the media, academia etc., in clear contravention of the evidence base. Support for victims – whether from the state, or charities – is almost exclusively directed to female victims.

It’s well recognised that policemen sometimes use excessive force against non-violent people. Well, let me correct that. Against non-violent men. So what happens when women are given the power to assault non-violent men? As we might expect, they use it. I’m indebted to James Williams of ‘Men’s Matters’ Radio for pointing me to a video from that feminist nirvana, Sweden, where a policewoman set her dog on a non-violent man in central Stockholm, and beat him to the ground. Welcome to this public exhibition of female supremacy, the ultimate goal of feminism:


If a video appeared of a policeman treating a non-violent women in this way, we can be sure it would appear on mainstream news channels across the world within hours. But the Swedish video doesn’t fit the ‘men are violent, women are victims’ narrative, so the mass media haven’t touched the story (the video was posted on YouTube a week ago). I’m pleased, however, to see that AVfM covered it yesterday, and provided some insightful commentary:


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