Men not marrying? How deep does ‘the problem’ go?

My thanks to JT for pointing me towards a video from the legendary Canadian MHRA Karen Straughan, aka ‘GirlWritesWhat’ / ‘GWW’. It dates from March 2012 but somehow I missed it the first time around. As usual with GWW’s pieces, she covers far more territory than you might expect from the piece’s title. It’s well worth watching, as always with GWW. Enjoy:

At around 21:30 GWW refers to, ‘men going their own way’. The term – often shortened to MGTOW – refers to an ever-growing cohort of men with each passing year. To find out more about the MGTOW phenomenon I recommend

One thought on “Men not marrying? How deep does ‘the problem’ go?

  1. Thanks for the share. I missed that one too.

    As for MGTOWs, I believe nearly half the male population in the United States are single — most of them never married and have no plans of doing so.

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