An email from a retired gentleman in Thurrock

One of the Conservative marginal seats we plan to contest in 2015 is Thurrock, in East London. It was won by Jackie Doyle-Price in 2010 with a majority of just 92 votes over her Labour rival. The local paper The Thurrock Gazette has just published a piece about our intention to field a candidate in 2015. Last night a retired gentleman, John Morris, went to the trouble of emailing me. I reproduce his email here, with his kind permission:

I agree totally with you, and applaud your courage in bringing the massive injustices being openly operated against men into the open, although the PC brigade which controls the civilized world will do everything they can to demonise you as an individual for daring to speak that which everybody knows. It has been a long time problem for me, and when mentioned or discussed women just laugh at you, and the modern she men in our society will ignore it, in case their dominant women give them a hard time. I wish I was younger and could have been considered as a candidate for your party as I live in Thurrock, one of the seats you plan to target, and I for one am totally fed up with being fed female candidates for MP just because they’re females, as demonstrated by our standing female conservative MP, and Labour’s female answer. Why oh why must it always be a woman? I have no problem if the person for the job is a woman, my problem is when we have a woman put forward just because she’s a woman by the PC brigade which now controls the civilized world. I used to work for the local authority before retirement, and watched men being phased out of all the top jobs to be replaced by women. Virtually all directorates are now headed by women, and this progression can only be redressed by men like you willing to utter that which others are scared out of their wits to even consider.

You have my greatest admiration.

John A Morris

Well, that’s lifted my spirits, ahead of our first public meeting today, in Bedford.

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