The ‘myth’ of men-hating feminists

The Economic Social Research Council (‘ESRC’) is a publicly-funded body – with an annual budget of a cool £205 million – and a financier of ‘academics’ in the feminist gravy train industries. I’ve mentioned some of the ‘work’ they sponsor in a number of my books. In Feminism: the ugly truth I included one of my personal favourites:

Experiencing and Celebrating Fatness

Bigness Beyond Obesity: Seminar 3

ESRC seminar series: Fat Studies and HAES

18th-19th November 2010, London (The Hopkins Room, Stratford Library, 3 The Grove, Stratford, London E15 1EL).

This seminar will address the intersection between Fat Studies, Health At Every Size and fat activism. It will explore individuals’  experiences of activism, sites for intervention, and the possibilities for fat activism in relation to health and beyond. There will be a combination of presentations and workshop activities.

‘Celebrating Fatness’. Priceless. Presumably other seminars in the series included ‘Celebrating Ugliness’ and ‘Celebrating Stupidity’.

I digress. I’ve just been made aware of an article posted on, titled ‘Myths of man-hating feminists make feminism unpopular’. It’s an interesting article, but the idea that feminists are man-hating is a ‘myth’ is simply laughable, at least if we consider gender/militant/radical feminists, the only feminists who’ve exercised any political influence in the UK for 30+ years. Should anyone doubt this assertion, I recommend they read Swayne O’Pie’s Why Britain Hates Men: Exposing Feminism – £9.95 inc p&p from

The article is nonetheless encouraging. Women are increasingly reluctant to self-identify as feminists – an intriguing ‘Netmums’ survey last year made the same point – and for that alone we should be grateful. Click on the following for the article:

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