Jack the Ripper didn’t exist. The murderers were a group of lesbian feminist doctors and medical students.

The publisher of a recently-published book, The Whitechapel Murders 1888: and the Myth of the Disappearing Man, has just emailed me with the following:

Hello Mike,

We would like to draw your attention to an important new book that outlines early misandry and abuse of men in society that has been left unchecked until today, and that stands as a root cause of misandry and male abuse today.

The Whitechapel Murders 1888, and the Myth of the Disappearing Man, written by Zero Baby (a man) and published by Orchid Eater, controversially sets out the realisation that Jack the Ripper did not exist, but was a creation resulting from prejudice towards men.  The actual culprits that committed the murders, as outlined in the book, were a group of lesbian feminist doctors and medical students, with grudges against men that held them back, who themselves tapped into the then current hysteria of a man maniac, to cover the true identities of the murderers.

This book is a genuine must-read for anyone seeking proof that society abuses men and how this has come about.

During the murders in London in 1888, there was not any single shred of evidence to show that a man committed the murders.  This book outlines how the disappearing man myth came about, how misandry and social prejudice towards men created the Ripper, and the women most likely responsible for the crimes but who, through prejudice towards men, escaped undetected.

Best regards

[Name redacted]

Orchid Eater

Of course it makes sense that it was lesbian feminists who were killing the prostitutes, demonising men for their actions at the same time.

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