Deborah Powney

Deborah Powney is a PhD psychology researcher who specializes in domestic violence from a non-gendered perspective. Her head of department at the University of Central Lancashire is the estimable Professor Nicola Graham-Kevan. You may recall Deborah is the driving force behind Walking to Recovery: A study for male survivors. Two weeks ago we pointed to the associated fundraiser. It’s good to see so many J4MB supporters among the donors. An anonymous donor yesterday sent in £393, so the £2,000 target has been met.
Deborah recently had a discussion with Brian Martinez of Honey Badger Radio, and it’s excellent, well worth catching – here (video, 1:18:07). It’s wonderful to see more women being prepared to devote time and energy to telling the truth about issues such as domestic violence, and to publicly criticise feminism and feminists. We look forward to hearing more from Deborah in future – she’s a great communicator and funny, a winning combination. These comments on the discussion from Phi Pi Delta:

Feminists have for so long depended on women sticking together no matter what to hate men that they never thought men and women actually love each other. But that’s okay. Feminists are really just evolution’s way of getting toxic femininity out of the gene pool.

I’ve added this interview to our YouTube playlist on domestic abuse (57 pieces).

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