Cambridge University talks – related blog pieces, videos etc.

[Note added 6.6.19: We’ll keep adding links to new blog pieces here, so there exists one place with developments from the beginning to the present.]

We’ve posted many blog pieces in relation to the talks, including the assaults (and Natty’s video footage of her detention of one of the assailants, and footage of the associated photographer), the attempts to impede access to the building in which Elizabeth Hobson and I were due to deliver our talks, videos of the talks (and the related transcripts), and more. To free up some space in the upper reaches of this website, I’ve decided to assemble all the related blog pieces here, in reverse chronological order:

Letters of “apology” in relation to the Cambridge milkshaking incident.

Fundraiser for the “milkshakers”: Mike’s laundry money.

Varsity: Activists fined £150 after ‘milkshaking’ members of anti-feminist group J4MB.

The Cambridge milkshaking incident. Assailant and her photographer accomplice will not be charged.

The phantom milkshaker of Cambridge University has been identified, but has so far declined to call the police

Let’s enable Jon Baily (who, along with his 16yo son, was assaulted by protesters after attending our Cambridge University talks) to attend ICMI19, Chicago

Elizabeth Hobson stands in for Janice Fiamengo on Regarding Men #19 – Men’s Issues: A Trigger for Cambridge Students

Ewan Jones’s video on the Cambridge University talks

The Tab: “J4MB Alleged Assault”, and the debunking of it

LIES, LIES, LIES. The Tab: J4MB talk attendee accused of assaulting student protesters.

J4MB discuss Cambridge University talks and the feminisation of the workplace

The open letter to Cambridge University Vice-Chancellor Stephen Toope, and the 507 gullible (or politically-motivated) students, academics, and alumni who counter-signed it

An email exchange with Varsity, the Cambridge University feminist propaganda outlet

Mike Buchanan’s talk at Cambridge university: “Equal Rights for Men and Women” (video and transcript)

Transcript of Elizabeth Hobson’s talk at Cambridge University, “The History of Feminism”

Elizabeth Hobson’s talk at Cambridge University: “The History of Feminism”

#NobodyMessesWithNatty. Cambridge University milkshake incident – video footage of (alleged) assailant and (alleged) photographer.

Varsity – latest piece on the anti-J4MB protests

Images from Cambridge

Charlotte Proudman, self-declared “feminist barrister”, shows solidarity with the women behind yesterday’s milkshake incident

The Tab: “Protesters allegedly pushed and spat on by members of anti-feminist group J4MB”

Varsity: J4MB leader doused in milkshake at Wetherspoons

Mike has been targeted with a milkshake protest

New venue for Cambridge University talks much nearer the city centre and where we’ll be meeting beforehand

Varsity: CUSU Council calls for review of degree of oversight over events held on Cambridge property

University of Cambridge surrenders to feminists, seeks to relocate our talks

Exclusive offer for feminist attendees of our Cambridge University talks

Mike and Elizabeth make The Banned List

Cambridge University Student Union votes unanimously to lobby the university to ban J4MB

Our talks at Cambridge University – 24 May

Can Cambridge University just listen to their student body and stop letting in unethical, unacademic right-wing speakers, like, now please?

Karen Straughan (GirlWritesWhat) responds to Cambridge University feminists seeking to deny J4MB a platform on 24 May

Varsity: “J4MB should not be legitimised under the guise of free speech”

The Guardian: Cambridge University criticised for hosting anti-feminist group

Tickets for the Cambridge University talks, 24 May

Petition in favour of the planned speeches at the University of Cambridge by gender equality activists Mike Buchanan and Elizabeth Hobson

Our talks at Cambridge university, 24 May – efforts by students and academics to deny us freedom of speech begin

Our talks at Cambridge University, 24 May – socialising beforehand and afterwards.

Engaging with university students and academics: Mike Buchanan and Elizabeth Hobson to give talks at the University of Cambridge, 24 May.

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