UNITED STATES: Horrified boyfriend catches his girlfriend stealing his sperm from a used condom after sex – and asks the internet: ‘Is this legal?’

Our thanks to Mike P for this. The start of the piece:

A worried man has turned to the internet for advice after discovering his girlfriend ‘stealing’ his sperm after sex.

The baffled boyfriend from New York revealed on Reddit that he had gone to the bathroom after having sex with his girlfriend, and returned to find her ‘pouring the contents of a used condom inside her vagina’. [J4MB: Was she doing a handstand at the time? And if so, how did she have a hand free to do the pouring? The mind boggles.]

Asking if anyone knew if what she’d done was legal, he added: I’m nervous as f*** honestly.’

And it appears the unfortunate man may not have the law on his side.

Despite being obviously morally wrong, the US legal system considers the passing of sperm during sex ‘a gift’ even if it was not intended.

A series of cases have found that it cannot be classed as theft, including one couple who had a baby after the woman kept semen after they had oral sex then used it to get pregnant.

In 2013 the Daily Mail columnist Liz Jones admitted having tried to become pregnant with the contents of two ex-partners’ used condoms – one was her husband – here.

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