BBC Newsnight: The Problem with Men

Outrageous, even by BBC standards. (video, 42:04). Two anti-male presenters, while Neil Lyndon was on a panel of five commentators including Laura Bates, nearest the camera (Neil was the furthest from the camera, his face often obscured by one of the feminists in front of him). Special Snowflake was her customary angry and anxious self – check out her facial expressions, even when she’s not talking – and utterly denying female moral agency, conflicting with the Evening Standard journalist at one point. The whole programme was, of course, a stitch up, Neil facing impossible odds of 6:1, but doing well given the situation. The panel was presented in two rows, three (female) feminists in the front, and behind them Neil Lyndon and a fey young male feminist with flowers in his hair, wittering on about ‘the patriarchy’.

The piece will be on iPlayer for 29 days, we plan to capture it and put it on our YouTube channel in the next few days.

11 thoughts on “BBC Newsnight: The Problem with Men

  1. I don’t think the BBC handled this topic at all well. The harassment of women is – everyone would agree – unacceptable. But the boundaries HAVE changed. The guys I talk to are as baffled as i am. Any contact is a potential abuse/harassment claim. We’re reduced to walking round the office hands in pockets avoiding eye contact. But our female colleagues are as touchy-feely as ever. A woman puts her hand on your shoulder whilst looking at your screen, that’s ok. Do that to her and you might get called in to HR. And a well-placed accusation can lose your job. Its a license to bully men. Someone needs to address this mysandry. Its gone from trying to protect women to making normal interpersonal communication between men and women a crime. Which will only increase male mental health issues, and the number of suicides.

  2. Good job Mike. They don’t want to hear men’s part of the story at all.
    and that’s why women are not fit to govern. They are undemocratic by nature.

  3. William. you hit the nail on the head 100 % !! I agree with you all the way to the bank. too much gentlemanly niceties have spoiled the child rotten !. Time to change course 180%. They will get what they deserve, eventually. They asked for it, they’ll get it. Not that we wanted it that way…

  4. I agree. We are in the end times. I applaud Neil Lyndon for his valiant defence of common sense, but Laura Bates et al drowned out his lone voice of reason.

  5. Of course, after all how did this feminist nonsense get started in the first place? By men giving in to womens’ nagging. There was no revolution, no war, and no massive riots that forced the ruling male class to share power. Just a bunch of marches and foot stamping. Its one of the reasons I roll my eyes when women tell me they are oppressed on account of their gender. Really, because more women have died in actual revolutions (fighting alongside men) like the war against IS, or for (insert country here) independence, or during WWII (Soviet partisans and French Maquis for example) then ever died for feminism. Men have proven themselves quite happy to kill large numbers of both genders in the name of nationalism or religion, but not in the name of gender; it simple doesn’t ‘click’ in human psychology.

  6. Watched it…. now I know we are in the end of days. The BBC has fallen a long time ago but I never realised how far. The Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation is beyond help now and I’m afraid the UK will be soon to follow unless there is a counter revolution soon.
    The only redeeming part of the debate was one of the men in the group bringing up the fact that ladies often lie about rape bringing up one example of a woman who falsely accused 7 men. Needless to say any man going against the grain was interrupted. The rest of the panel were either foaming at the mouth feminists or utter boobs.

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