Tom Caulfield – Technical Director

We’re pleased to announce the appointment of Tom Caulfield as Technical Director of J4MB. Tom has long been a key contributor to our work, and the work of other people interested in men’s issues. An expert in both photography and video recording, he’s long used the pseudonym “Anthony J Corniche III” for his video recording and editing, and has used the term “Good Men Gone Productions” for some of his work.

Tom works tirelessly for the men’s rights movement, he’s a pleasure to work with, he’s a force of nature, and to cap it all he’s one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. Paul Elam once said, “Tom is so talented, he makes me sick!” He’s also very generous, donating high-quality audio and video equipment to British MRAs over many years.

Tom was responsible for the filming and editing of the presentations at three of the five International Conferences on Men’s Issues (ICMIs) to date, and the playlists are here – ICMI16 (London), ICMI17 (Gold Coast, Australia), ICMI18 (London). He was also responsible for the filming of the presentations at ICMI19 in Chicago, others were responsible for the editing of the video files. 25 of the presentations are here.

In Chicago I had the pleasure of surprising Tom in the closing ceremony with the inaugural Quentin Tarantino Award for Directing Excellence.

His promotional videos for ICMI20 are here. If you enjoy humour, don’t miss #15, and be ready to freeze the video to catch the text at a number of points.

In January 2020 he was (audio) interviewed for the YouTube channel The Glass Blind Spot. Enjoy (45:05).

Tom’s photography website is here. The first image:

She seems like a nice young lady. Click on “Portfolio” on the upper left-hand corner of the screen on his website to see more of Tom’s work.

We look forward to working with Tom for many years to come.

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