Dawn Walker, 34, single mother, who treated a policeman like a ‘personal punchbag’, avoids jail after 11th violent attack on policemen

Our thanks to D for this. Extracts:

Dawn Walker, 34, has a string of convictions for assaulting police during drunken foul mouthed rampages – including four separate incidents upon officers in this year alone.

But the unemployed former cleaner – who claims employment support allowance – has repeatedly been spared jail after she insisted she was striving to be a “good role model” to her three children.

In the last incident Walker hurled abuse at PC Thomas Cock, calling him a ” fat c***” a ” bearded c***” and a ” blue-eyed b******” before headbutting him in the face during a night out in Burnley, Lancs…

Walker received eight weeks in prison, suspended for a year, with a nine month alcohol treatment programme. She was ordered to pay the victim £100 compensation.

Sentencing bench chairman Mr Philip Homer told her: “We have to say the bench has not seen a record as poor as this for a long time. The purpose of the sentence is punishment and to protect the public because of the number of offences. But we can suspend it because of your circumstances. If there are any further offences of this nature, I cannot see any reason why you would not be sent to custody.” [my emphasis]

So Mr Philip Homer is happy to spare the woman a custodial sentence for her 11th violent assault on policemen because of ‘circumstances’, but cannot see any reason why she would not be sent to custody for an 11th assault. Anyone with a functioning brain could surely see a reason. The ‘circumstances’ – a euphemism for having responsibility for children – would still be in place. Ms Walker surely knows she can continure her series of drunken attacks on policemen with impunity. All her experience to date tells her so.

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  • cheannaich

    Ah! That old victim card being played i.e. female,single mother, domestic abuse victim, victim of mental breakdown and seemingly cop-a-phobic (an increasingly common affliction in drunk females) . Couple this to her heroic struggles to hang on in there for her kids and her desire to be a good role model(???) for those kids.
    Feminists have a lot to answer for. Thank you Harman, Saunders, Blair, Cooper, et al.

    • I wonder how often women’s claims of being DV victims are simply believed, and not challenged? Maybe they were perpetrators, not victims? Also drunkenness is seen as a mitigating issue for women, but an aggravating issue for men. No doubt men are physically forcing alcohol on her.

  • Why would any man want to treat women like that like a gentleman? Why do men think they should even ? Take away the gentleman benevolence and suddenly behavior like that will bh judged as unacceptable. Continue playing the gentleman and stories like hers will keep popping up with increasing frequency. This is the fault of men for not being able to recognize that their own behavior towards women encourages women to flaunt the rules, abuse the system and play the victims. Why? Because they know the gentlemen will let them get away with it. Simple.

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