Whiny Woman of the Month: Harriet Harman MP

Quentin Letts is a columnist and author I never tire of reading, and I’ve been catching up with some of his recent articles published by Mail Online. This article from about three weeks ago caught my eye, for reasons which will become clear. It concerns what Nick Clegg must consider a trial, his weekly Deputy PMQs. And it must surely seem like a torture session when Harriet Harman – deputy leader of the Labour party – starts haranguing him. The odious woman who recently whined about not having been appointed deputy prime minister by Gordon Brown, after the departure of John Prescott from the post.

An extract from Quentin’s article:

Mr Clegg’s oppo’ is Harriet Harman and she only entered the fray yesterday during the Topical Questions section near the end. Miss Harman is another politician who could do with a tickle under the armpits. How remorselessly whiny she so often sounds. Labour is in Opposition. It should be depicting sunlit uplands, not dank alleys of grievance.

‘How remorselessly whiny she so often sounds’. A good point, well made. And with this inspiration from Mr Letts, we award Ms Harman the July 2014 ‘Whiny Feminist of the Month’ award – her certificate is here.

Ms Harman previously won out Harpy Lifetime Achievement Award – here. She remains highly eligible for two of our other awards, ‘Lying Woman of the Month’ and ‘Gormless Woman of the Month’ as well as an award presented by another site, ‘Entitlement Princess of the Month’.

Among my favourite pieces about Harriet Harman is a short Daily Mash piece with the glorious title, ‘Women still face discrimination, says jumped-up cow’. It’s downloadable (along with a number of other Daily Mash pieces) here.

Harman married the trade union official Jack Dromey in 1982. She’s a keen advocate of all-women PPC shortlists – indeed, she introduced the legislation enabling them in 2003 – but didn’t use her influence to have an all-women shortlist employed when Dromey was seeking to be appointed as the candidate in a safe Labour seat. We can add ‘hypocrite’ to her long list of unfortunate traits. You almost have to feel sorry for Dromey. He has the haunted look of a man who’s been married to a truly vile feminist for 32 years.

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