Kathy Gyngell: Junking feminism is the best answer to our loneliness epidemic

Very good.

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I'm a men's human rights advocate, writer, and publisher. My primary focus is leading the political party I launched in 2013, Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them). I still work actively on two campaigns I launched in early 2012, Campaign for Merit in Business and the Anti-Feminism League. In 2014 I launched The Alternative Sexism Project, aiming to raise public understanding that the sexism faced by men and boys has far more grievous consequences than the sexism faced by women and girls.
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  • epistemol

    From the article;

    “junking everyday and every other sort of selfish feminism that’s poisoned male /female relations, destroyed the family and undermined its economy.”

    These three goals are, of course, key objectives in the tactics of destabilising (relatively) free society to weaken and so damage it that it may be replaced by totalitarian, authoritarian dictatorship – think Kim Jong Un – in the ubiquitous quest for POWER that is the cause of such trouble, while at the same time it pretends to be upholding the rights of some chosen group, be it ‘The Workers’ or ‘oppressed women’.

    All of it lies too.

    • Epistemol..thanks…spot on…
      Absolutely right. The Truth right there.
      The Feminist liberals are themselves being duped. From the armed police woman in Nottingham centre over Christmas, to the favoured female Senco in the local school handing out ritalin like fix-a-boy sweets.
      The illegitimate higher agenda uses them to implement those unacceptible changes that men would not accept. And in their desparate need to feel worthy and validated and ‘equal’ they suspend real compassion and intelligence and common sense…the principles of Freedom.
      Can they not see this….?
      So, promote the easily corrupted ‘middleman’ (or feministwoman as it happens) if you want to run an exploitative racket. That’s how it goes. That’s what this os about. History shows us this….

  • There is one thing I’d say, though. Some women are primarily wives, not mothers; the obvious example is Queen Victoria. Her problem, at least with her sons and especially the eldest, was that they took after her and not Albert; and the letters she wrote to her two elder daughters, who did have a strong maternal instinct, are illuminating, to say the least.
    One should not now assume that traditional marriage is all about children. If I could have found a real man when I was in my twenties, who either didn’t want or was not particularly bothered about, having children, I would have had a happier life and stayed married.
    As it is, my devotion is reserved for my cat. Who happens, needless to say, to be called Cadbury

    • Hi Cadburycat.. seems to me life is difficult and I’m not the first to say or experience that. 🙂 As young people we are misled unfortunately. The bllsht ‘romantic love’ ‘narrative’ (now there’s a trendy word if ever there was one) takes us down the wrong path. ‘Real love’ is never really mentioned in popular culture let alone in school, and rarely in families I think. No one believes that you can buy a car at 22 and it will never break down, and will run with little maintenance for ever and ever. But this is what we are led to believe about families and partnerships & marriages.
      Boys and girls, young men and young women have very little chance of navigating a happy course without the experience of experience itself it seems.

      I may appear scathing of women in some of my comments. That’s not my intention. I am equally concerned by many of the boys and young men I have encountered in my life and job…let alone those purporting to be adults. Many individuals are one step away from being lost souls in our country today. Many are already there. Many are faking being ok.

      On a blokish note old Queen Vic was a bit of a battleaxe and her husband may have been far from great as a man or father.. :-/ the consequencial influence on ‘the kids’ would have been inevitably disapointing I guess , and I dont know who got the worse deal?…
      Perhaps it just illustrares that families are very difficult and being a capable individual is also very difficult proposition you know?

      I therefore understand and appreciate the brilliant affectionate simplcity of animals, as my spaniel can testify.

      Have a good day and ta for reading these words. SDW

      • Thank you for replying. Queen Victoria did tend to be firm with sons and some Prime Ministers but she did like a man about the place, bless her. They were a mixed bag, too; apart from Albert, there were a couple of Prime Ministers, her doctor, some male servants who were bitterly resented, and John Brown. Even her children believed there was something going on there!

  • It’s a strange sad thing, this modern world modern day feminism. It seems to me that men used to appreciate women. Really. More than appreciate.. idolise even. In generations gone by women were idealised as elegant, gentle, poised, beautiful. Precious. Weren’t they?…

    This was the pedestal men themselves were happy to accept. As a 53-year old man this is the world I grew up in. It gave men purpose to a degree. It made the role of being masculine relevant. Men also knew the ideals expected of being a man and most, it seemed, embraced it… or at least attempted to. Strong. Polite. Courteous. Altruistic. Protective. Gentlemen held doors open for ‘the fairer sex’ not in an attempt to patronise but in order to demonstrate respect, value , worth, and appreciation. And kindness.

    Sadly, those ‘sexist’ ideals were stamped into the ground over the past few decades by a rise in extravocal, hostile, greedy self-serving women who demanded ‘equality’ from from men on their terms alone. One door at a time. They threw out the baby with the bathwater, and it’s no surprise these days that all too often someone else bathes the baby. How sad is that?

    There’s a new shop or two on the highstreet these days. Between the Barnardo’s and HelptheAged. I now pass nail bars when I am in any city centre, and there they sit in a attempt to feel beautiful, having someone else.. often a Chinese bloke it seems… attend to their nails: beautifying a small detail at the end of each finger. As a modern female pastime this activity falls under the term ‘pampering’ – a term which has entered the British Language along with ‘single mom’ and ‘career woman’ and ‘child care’.
    It is something that generally overweight women do in an attempt to feel validated and special, with minimum effort. It’s something to be done during those ‘spare hours’ when not looking after the children or men of their lives (if there are any) as their predecessors would have.

    A trip to the nail bar is known these days as ‘ME TIME’…

    ‘Me time’ has little to do with elegance, poise, or good health. It has little to do with innate feminine beauty, but it has everything to do with a culture of self indulgence and conceit. Women have been told by other women they must be ‘strong’ and ‘independant’ for so long now… Don’t need a man, dont need to prioritise the children. it’s ‘me time’ they really need… (sounds like a Beyonce lyric).

    Yep. There are plenty of nailbars out there to cater for this particular ‘need’.. Somewhere to get away from men, and children. Somewhere to be pampered.

    Unfortunately ‘me time’ only works for a while.. Over extended periods it becomes aloneness. Lonliness can follow, and that doesn’t feel quite as good. When your nails are done you can walk out of the nailbar but lonliness is harder to walk away from: as the article suggests it is time that we rethink the wish-list. Let’s reconsider our priorities and ideals because ‘at the end of the day’ there are more important things than having our nails beautified. There are more important things than being ‘pampered’. Creating and maintaining strong healthy happy families and children is worth considering as credible, legitimate, and important at this time. If done correctly it leads to healthy, happy, social interaction and strong communities. Personal fulfilment is the by product not the purpose and that’s the difference. It’s not easy, but it has a lot more to do with Real Love and Fulfillment than having one’s nails done. And surely that is the real objective here… and as we move forward we must focus on higher objectives.
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