Congress abandons plans to force women to sign up for the Draft


I’m sick to death of mainstream media reports – the BBC is the worst, but it’s far from alone – purport to show that a significant proportion of military personnel killed or injured in armed conflicts are women. The vast majority, of course, are men. That’s not going to change.

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About Mike Buchanan

I'm a men's human rights advocate, writer, and publisher. My primary focus is leading the political party I launched in 2013, Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them). I still work actively on two campaigns I launched in early 2012, Campaign for Merit in Business and the Anti-Feminism League. In 2014 I launched The Alternative Sexism Project, aiming to raise public understanding that the sexism faced by men and boys has far more grievous consequences than the sexism faced by women and girls.
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  • William Gruff

    I think I’d breathe a sigh of relief were I a young US male. I’m too old now but the thought of having to serve with women would certainly deter me from joining up were I eligible.

  • epistemol

    We are still in the deceit phase of feMarxism to a certain extent.

    But as more people involved in the “Long march through the institutions” gain positions of power this will gradually change to the exercise of DIRECT power, and we are seeing that change now.

    The problem is, people are short-termist, have busy lives and feel that they have enough worry about for now.
    Thus attitudes won’t change until they are DIRECTLY affected by something PERSONALLY.
    Only then do they even start to care about it.

    That’s what we are up against
    Herding cats is a phrase that comes to mind…

  • Once again, the whole charade of ‘equality’ has been exposed as a fraud designed to exploit men.
    If women can and do serve in the military with increasing frequency these days, why in the world should they not have to defend the country if under attack ? Only pregnant women or those with small children should be exempt. Defending a pregnant wife makes perfect sense for every man. But defending single career women makes no sense for any man. And it is morally wrong too. These women do not do anything in return for the male soldiers. Why should men defend them? Single career women need to be drafted in exactly the same way as men. Actually, they should be drafted even before married men are. Married women with children and married men with children should be drafted last. That’s how it needs to be if we really want to believe in equality. Otherwise it is simply a society designed to exploit men. Nothing else. No intelligent, self respecting man should agree to it.

    • William Gruff

      Only pregnant women … ‘

      It doesn’t take a determined woman very long to become pregnant. I’m confident that should a real war break out, very nearly every woman in a front line posting in the services would become pregnant before getting too close to danger. Things are bad enough as it is, with ships having to be diverted to put ashore pregnant female members of the ship’s company or have them airlifted off by helicopter. They wouldn’t be able to put to sea at all with more females among the crew.

      Some years ago I heard a story of a ship endangered by a wren member of a fire control party who refused to enter a burning flat because her boyfriend was inside and she did not want to see his injuries (he may have been dead, I can’t recall). She simply refused to obey the order. My father was ex RN and kept in touch through friends and serving relatives so there were plenty of stories about the liability that women on ships represent.

      It’s ironic that although the serpent of Soviet communism died thirty years ago, it’s venom is slowly destroying our vital organs.

  • Victory for common sense. As happens now, when the going gets tough female “soldiers” get pregnant. It’s a guaranteed luxury ticket home and soft job.
    It used to be a dishonourable discharge.
    No prizes for guessing which I think it should be, but I’m old fashioned.

  • Guttorm Grundt


    A Norwegian law passed in 2015 legalizes military service duty for both men and women. The first years practice indicates that women are far more interested than men in officer training than ordinary service. Commanding men seems to be the ultimate female/feminist goal/triumph….

    Guttorm Grundt

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    Fra: Justice for Men & Boys [] Sendt: 1. desember 2016 23:46 Til: Emne: [New post] Congress abandons plans to force women to sign up for the Draft

    Mike Buchanan posted: “Predictable. I’m sick to death of mainstream media reports – the BBC is the worst, but it’s far from alone – purport to show that a significant proportion of military personnel killed or injured in armed conflicts are women. The vast majority, of cours”

    • William Gruff

      In my experience you are correct. Women enjoy bossing men about, especially women who cannot bear to be controlled by a man. However, generally they need male acquiescence and assistance to do this. Very few women can control a group of independently minded men by leadership through example and the unaided force of personality. An example, admittedly a reductio ad absurdum is the professional dominatrix who knows that she is not going to be challenged in anything approaching a faintly serious manner by the man paying her to dominate, chastise and humiliate him or face any consequences for any but the most egregious excesses she may perpetrate. Another is the female police or prison officer.

      Channel 4 TV (‘U’K television station that you may be able to receive in Norway) is currently presenting a shortish reality TV / documentary series titled ‘Sixty Days in Jail’, which relates an experiment done in a US prison involving volunteers who spent 60 days in a county jail because the sheriff wanted to find out from the inside what the problems were. One of the volunteers was a petite, hard faced, shaven headed lesbian. This woman found it very difficult to cope with the prisoners’ power relationships and while she was full of tough talk to the cameras and sympathetic inmates about what she would do if they tried it on with her she backed down whenever the woman she confronted stood up to her. On one occasion she went whining to a group of women and persuaded one of them to retrieve some property that had been taken from her. On her own, without her badge and gun and the support of her ‘white knight’ male colleagues, she was useless. It was very clear that her sense of power and self-esteem came from the uniform she wore outside, which gave her the protection of the law and those who wear the same uniform; her male colleagues in other words. Those accessories had given her a false sense of capability and power that she believed might carry her through the sixty day exercise.

      In video after video in which police or prison officers are shown subduing a violent offender, women only involve themselves once the man has been overpowered, wrestled, usually with some difficulty, to the ground and pinioned there. Then a woman can often be seen to dive on top of her male colleagues to give an impression of doing something useful. ‘I was there’ she can say later, and she was, but she did nothing to help, though she will expect to be praised more highly than the men for her ‘contribution’.

      The armed forces are being turned into precisely the same sort of ‘safe space for women’ in which overgrown schoolgirls can act out their control fantasies without any fear of a challenge and the stick of ‘institutional misogyny’ with which to beat those who tell her she does not deserve what she wants. However, when the muck spreader starts up they’ll act true to type and stand back to let the men sort out the mess.

      Women need preferential access and special consideration within male created, strictly controlled, rigidly hierarchical structures, with indulgent male superiors and compliant male subordinates, in order to feel that they’ve achieved something. Unfortunately, as long as they leave it up to us to make it possible for them to do anything they can achieve nothing, no matter how many men they have under their command.

      • “However, when the muck spreader starts up they’ll act true to type and stand back to let the men sort out the mess.”

        That’s the real danger of putting women into front line positions. They’re a risk to both themselevs and others.

        I recall a BBC documentary some years ago, set in an area of Afghanistan where the Taliban were strong. Armoured vehicles went from compound to compound so female ‘soldiers’ could tell the women there about the evils of the patriarchy (a helpful thing in a traditional society). Clearly the privileged class were the men and boys outside the compounds, some of them with firearms, some not, liable to be shot by the Taliban at any time. There were frequent firefights with the Taliban, and one female ‘soldier’ was asked what she did when firefights started. Her immortal reply, ‘I hit the deck and let the boys sort it out!’ Doubtless she was on the same pay as the men escorting her in personnel carriers, at a risk to their own lives.

  • William, of course ‘female soldiers’ would become pregnant almost immediately if facing the draft.
    But since we pretend that females make equal soldiers- on gentleman’s grounds- but know that they don’t at all in the real world, why don’t we just cut the gentlemen crapolla and say the obvious facts outright. We might save numerous lives of both men and women and lots of money in the process.

  • Most people in the military forces do not serve on the front line. For every soldier, there are a dozen or so drivers, loaders, mechanics, cooks, refuse collectors, delivery men, beurocrats, journalists, etc. etc.. Even if women are not to serve on the front line, there is no reason – in any nation that pretends to aim for equality of the sexes – not to draft women into the armed forces.

    In a nation that likes to see itself as “the most democratic on earth” (it clearly isn’t) I have never understood how it can be acceptable that women have free and universal suffrage but men do not. Men should have revolted decades ago at this. It is one of the biggest, easiest things to point to in illustrating that in the USA, men are indeed second-class citizens.

    • In a sense this is a set back. It would be good to see the “be careful what you wish for” scenarios unfold. The “traditionalists” are in some respects a bigger problem than the feminists. In effect frequently giving women a “free pass” so they can hit the deck and let the boys sort it out in all sorts of walks of life. No I think women should indeed face the same responsibilities as men. As I understand it in the US a young man can be denied the vote and other civil and civic rights if he doesn’t sign up. This should now go.