Costa Book Award 2016 shortlist stars 14 women and just six men. Sebastian Perry, a shortlisted mangina, is thrilled.

The manipulation of awards where merit is subjective continues apace. Feminists have a problem when excellence is objective e.g. sports, motor racing, chess, hence the need to establish women-only competitions. An article by Hanna Furness, Arts Correspondent of the Telegraph. She starts:

The Costa Book Award shortlist this year stars the most female authors in its history, as the changing landscape of publishing overturns decades of dominance by men.

There’s a better article in today’s Times, but it’s behind a paywall. Extracts:

Costa was at a loss to explain why only six men had reached the shortlist stage, but one of the female nominees for the Best Novel award said that it may be an unwitting bias [a witting bias, more likely] on the part of the judging panels. Each of the panels for the novel, first novel, biography, poetry and children’s categories comprised two women and one man. Costa said that this was a coincidence. [my emphasis]

A mangina has to stick his oar in:

Sebastian Perry, whose nomination for Days Without End made him the only man in the best novel category, said that he did not believe there was any bias against men. “It’s just the way the dice fell this year. I’m not feeling remotely oppressed. In fact, I would feel infinitely safer if the entire thing was dominated by women.” [Good boy, Seb, Mistress is very pleased with you. Now beg to win the prize! Beg!!! Forget it – it’s not going to happen.]

Back in the real world…

The Costa judges’ apparent preference for women does not tally with the book-buying public. At present there are 39 female authors in the top 100 bestseller list for 2016, compared with 55 men (along with six books with no listed author, such as The Highway Code. Men have outnumbered women in every top 100 ranking for the past five years.

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  • Possibly the bias reflects Costas clientele. There are quite a few round here and generally the customer base appears to be mainly female. After all women generally have more leisure time in the day. So I’d not be too bothered, in the same way its no surprise men “dominate” sport s coverage etc. because they pay their money and turn up to play or watch. “,, Seb” clearly a dipstick, probably will win.

  • cheannaich

    Perhaps the day is dawning whereby male authors will write under a female nom de plume. Extending that thought further, perhaps a time will come when all entrants for those awards have female names. They might even continue stating there is no bias and only come unstuck if the authors turn out to be male.

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