J4MB cannot support the (feminist-compliant) Men and Boys Coalition

This morning I received an email alerting me to the launch of the Men and Boys Coalition. We are informed:

The Men and Boys Coalition is an informal but cohesive and mutually supportive network of responsible groups, [as opposed to ‘irresponsible groups’?] organisations, academics, journalists, commentators and leaders who are committed to taking action on the gender-specific issues that affect men and boys.

Wow. The ‘coalition’ is ‘an informal but cohesive and mutually supportive network…’ on the day of its launch. Impressive progress, or fatuous hyperbole? You can be the judge.

So, who is behind the ‘coalition’? Nobody is claiming leadership – what does that tell you? – but the ideological direction is clear from many of the organizations and individual members. They include feminist bloggers such as Ally Fogg and Glen Poole, and radical feminists including Jane Powell (CALM Initiative) and Jenny Garrett. From Garrett’s website:

Jenny’s mission is to transform the world for everyone, one empowered woman at a time. She use’s (sic) her years of experience in coaching and leadership to inspire and motivate people, working with them to deliver career and life changing results beyond expectation.

Women’s Coach of the Year 2014, APCTC award winner Jenny is a sought after executive coach and trainer, author of Rocking Your Role, the how to guide to success for female breadwinners, speaker, founder of Reflexion Associates leadership consultancy and Co-Founder of Rocking Ur Teens CIC.

Jenny mentors women entrepreneurs and executives internationally for the Cherie Blair Foundation and was a finalist for the PRECIOUS Mentor of the Year 2012. She is a selected Sage Business Expert.

The ‘coalition’ considers Garrett a qualified commentator on issues affecting men and boys. On International Women’s Day this year, I debated with her on Sky Newshere (video, 14:49).

There are some people I admire among the members, but I regret they’ve been persuaded to join a virtual organization that is clearly going to hide the truth about the state’s assaults on the human rights of men and boys – through its actions and inactions – and the roles played by feminists in those assaults, to advantage women and girls. People wishing to understand those issues can read our 2015 general election manifesto.

Ally Fogg has penned a predictably dire blog piece on the ‘coalition’.

We believe this ‘coalition’, far from being the British men’s sector’s ‘coming of age’ – Ally Fogg’s absurd claim – is on the wrong side of history. Ever more men and women are recognizing that most of of the major problems facing men and boys as a class are the inevitable and natural consequence of the advantaging of women and girls, relentlessly driven by state-embedded feminists, funded in the main by male taxpayers.

This ‘coalition’ will never be a part of the solution, but it could become part of the problem. That’s why J4MB cannot support it.

One last thing. So far as I can see, the ‘coalition’ isn’t calling for an end to (illegal) Male Genital Mutilation. Couldn’t they at least have managed to include that?

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About Mike Buchanan

I'm a men's human rights advocate, writer, and publisher. My primary focus is leading the political party I launched in 2013, Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them). I still work actively on two campaigns I launched in early 2012, Campaign for Merit in Business and the Anti-Feminism League. In 2014 I launched The Alternative Sexism Project, aiming to raise public understanding that the sexism faced by men and boys has far more grievous consequences than the sexism faced by women and girls.
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  • Fantastic analysis Mike, no credible organisation can ignore MGM.

    Amongst the left (or at least left-leaning voters) there’s often little concern for men and boys on a lot of issues but even they will concede that MGM is a human rights violation that needs to be stopped. It’s one issue that increasingly unites people regardless of their politics, so it’s crazy to omit such an extreme abuse of boys which so many people care about so passionately.

  • cheannaich

    It is also an organisation that is peddling that ‘lean in garbage’, the ‘he for she’ guff being peddled at our universities. Once again men and boys are being seen as the problem.
    I rather liked your analysis of Garrett. I was hoping in a post Brexit, Trump world that we would be ‘leaning in’ to get such bints motivated to sign on the dole. Seriously! The mention of any sort of involvement with that Blair woman should automatically sound alarm bells in chimps let alone humans.

  • “But perhaps most importantly, when we seek policy solutions and support from the powers that be, whether in local authorities or quangos, health service representatives or national governments, different wings of the men’s sector all find we run into the same obstacles and brick walls”. Mr. Fogg’s solution to this problem is to appear to part of the current dominant feminist narratives. But actually I suspect he will find that this will fail. For the very reason that the whole “trans” debate erupted. For however PC it turns out the tiny numbers of people who physically “change sex” are a direct challenge to feminist ideology. So too, however politely put, making note of the ways in which boys and men aren’t powerful patriarchs will eventually get the MBC “no platformed” at the very least. So I genuinely wish good luck to those engaged in helping men and boys, there are too few and remember the early years of this century when nothing but nothing was on the horizon.
    I think you’re right a key challenge is the issue of MGM. Equity in law is the key rather than engaging in a slippery political ideology.

  • Thank you for the report on this group, Mike.

    They say they are “representing over 50 of the UK’s leading charities, academics and campaigners” which is strange. I don’t want to sound like I have sour grapes but antimisandry.com has been around for over a decade and although it is an international platform, for most of its time it has had at least two executives based in the United Kingdom. Neither of the current two UK executives as individuals, nor our organisation, have been invited to join. If they were going to say there were a group of five then I could understand it but saying they comprise over 50, including “leading campaigners” I can’t help but laugh at them.

    I’m guessing that the only political party in the UK specifically advocating for men and boys was not invited either. Anyone imagining they are ‘inclusive’ yet missing out the only organised political voice on behalf of those they pretend to be comitted to is pipe-smoking.

    There is much to be done for men and boys, but in reality there is very little that could be described as being a “gender specific issue” rather than an issue affecting one gender disproportionately. One very clear gender specific issue is genital integrity and if they won’t even address the most obvious, I have little faith that they will address anything effectively.

    Clearly whatever their “leading campaigners” are campaigning for, it ain’t men nor boys.

    Sadly, what a group like this might be capable of is convincing Government that they are the people to talk to.

    • cheannaich

      “what a group like this might be capable of is convincing Government that they are the people to talk to”……and along with that goes any project funding. Didn’t womens aid get funding for male victims of domestic violence? I would their outreach/support services to such men were: foxtrot oscar perpetrator.

  • epistemol

    I should like to announce the formation of a new informal, cohesive but responsible group for women, supporting their interests and aspirations.

    The Countrywide Organisation for Women Coalition, and Opportunity Nurturing (COW-CON ) will examine the problems that typically affect women much more than men.

    Women are are more likely to be affected by issues such as narcicissm, entitlement, inferiority and resentment envy, hypergamy and many more.

    COW-CON exists to help with these problems, and to guide members along the difficult path back to reality.

    Members include Harry, Janice Fiamengo, Paul Elam, Mike Buchanan, Ian Purdy, Turd Flinging Monkey, Karen Straughn, Philip Davies and many many others.

    Plus, I myself will be available to add my two pen’orth ( for what that’s worth) when commitments allow.

    Join now.

    You know it makes sense.

  • “I’m guessing that the only political party in the UK specifically advocating for men and boys was not invited either. Anyone imagining they are ‘inclusive’ yet missing out the only organised political voice on behalf of those they pretend to be comitted to is pipe-smoking.”

    They did at least bother to send Mike an email, HEqual didn’t even receive notification let alone an invite. I bet they ignored Fathers4Justice too (and of course all the fantastic UK intactivists).

    I suppose they probably know that some groups aren’t going to agree with the position they’re taking, but they still need to ask any significant individuals and organisations.

    • The e-mail may not have come from the organisation but Mike may have been alerted.

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  • There have been coalitions before – one thinks of the Coalition for Equal Parenting in 2003 – and no doubt there will be others. The motivation, presumably, is that none of the member groups individually have the necessary clout to have any impact; the difficulty is that they must inevitably swallow some degree of compromise in order to work together. This present coalition reveals how wide a spread there now is across groups ostensibly supporting men and boys – in 2003 there was less divergence and a clearer perspective of what needed to be changed and how that might be effected.

    Personally, I find Justice for Men and Boys a little too old-school fathers’ rightsy for my current tastes – 8 years of F4J is enough for anyone – but I applaud Mike for protecting his integrity and rejecting this coalition, which veers much too far towards feminism for comfort. His analysis, sadly, is spot on. I can’t see this coalition having much appeal outside its own members, but clearly it has aspirations to become the go-to organisation for commentary and information on these issues. If those have a feminist slant, and they will, that will be very bad news for men and boys.

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