32 criminals (Known Genital Mutilators) registered with the Northwood United Synagogue, London – Rabbi E. Aschkenasy, Rabbi J. Baumgarten, Mr. I. Beider, Mr. L. Braun, Mr. H. Brown, Rabbi M. Cohen, Dayan H. Ehrentreu, Mr. U. Ellinson, Dr. D. Ezra, Mr. I. Gluck, Mr. S.G. Gluck, Dr. Martin Harris, Mr. Y.M. Landau, Mr. J. Leigh, Dr. A. Levy, Dr. L. Lovat, Dr. Y. Opat, Rabbi M. Perry, Rabbi J. Schischa, Mr. G. Schleider, Mr. Y. Schleider, Dr. B. Schreiber, Rabbi E. Schwartz, Dr. M. Sifman, Rabbi Y. Simon, Rabbi Dr. L. Solomon, Dr. J. Spitzer, Mr. E. Spern, Rabbi. L. Sudak, Dayan. P. Toledano, Rabbi R.B. Weisz, Mr. M. Zimmer.

Our thanks to Gary Costanza of A Voice for Men for a piece he’s titled Northwood United Synagogue’s mohelim – are THEY the mutilators, OR YOU?.

One of the Known Genital Mutilators is Dr Martin Harris, outside whose Golders Green clinic we protested some months ago, and will again, shortly.

The word ‘mohelim’ is the plural of mohel, a Jew trained in Brit milah. An alternative ceremony, which does not include the mutilation of 8-day-old baby boys’ genitals, is Brit shalom. A two-sided leaflet produced by ‘Jews Against Circumcision’, is Brit Shalom: A Peaceful Alternative.

Because Male Genital Mutilation is undoubtedly illegal in the UK, the 32 mohelim registered with the Northwood United Synagogue are, equally undoubtedly, criminals.

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