A mother’s psychological abuse of her 12-year-old son – Police and council officers caught destroying evidence and falsifying records

Our thanks to Stuart for this. An extract:

Senior social workers and police officers falsified and destroyed records after Kids for Cash UK exposed evidence of harm to a twelve-year-old Derby boy whose mother was found by a court to have made multiple false allegations of domestic violence…

David Gale of Kids for Cash UK said, “Our investigations have confirmed that the mother subjected the child to a prolonged period of severe psychological abuse despite the authorities admitting to having received clear independent evidence pointing to the harm being caused. It is clear from the documentary evidence that we have gathered that senior officers within Derby City Council and Derbyshire Constabulary have failed in their statutory duty to ensure that they have procedures in place to secure evidence and to ensure that official records are not falsified by officers seeking to avoid blame. The latest evidence suggests that the police, Derby City Council Children’s Services, and the Crown Prosecution Service have colluded to prevent their failures from coming to light.”

Following Kids for Cash UK’s analysis of five years’ of raw statistical data, gained through Freedom of Information requests served on the Ministry of Justice, an epidemic of false claims relating to domestic violence in the East Midlands has been exposed. [our emphasis] The Ministry of Justice has confirmed that it recently launched a nationwide investigation into legal aid fraud related to false claims of domestic violence. That investigation is starting in Derbyshire.

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  • epistemol

    Given what has been well known about the failings of human nature – some understandable, others less so – this was so predictable yet we continue to go down the same path at an accelerated rate.

    It’s like watching a slow motion car crash.

  • This is a particularly important story. The bit about an investigation into abuse of legal aid through false claims of DV. The wider sequence of events goes thus: the previous Gov. attempts to reduce the legal aid bill and amongst many others reduces eligibility for divorce etc. However following intense lobbying from the DV “industry” the then Gov. allows legal aid if there is DV suspected. In the succeeding years there is a dramatic rise in DV accusations in legal proceedings and the bill for legal becomes way over Gov. estimates. It starts to become clear that the legal aid rule now incentivise accusations of DV. As a consequence a review is conducted. It finds that not only is there an overall rise in DV accusations across the country, there is in fact “hot spots” of dramatic increase. It is speculated that this reflects particular law firms advising clients to make claims to attract legal aid. Derby being one such as reported here.
    This makes the investigation mentioned both extremely important as the data suggests both a considerable fraud, and one extremely damaging to men in particular. However it is an investigation that will be plagued by counter lobbying from the “usual suspects” of the DV industry. I hope people with better knowledge than me will keep an eye on this.