San Antonio Judge Larry Noll rules that men cannot be victims of domestic violence

I’ve received an email from an American, who has given me clearance to publish it in full, along with names. We have not edited the piece. He is seeking donations to help fund a legal appeal, you can find a link to his website at the end of his message.

My name is Andrew L Goss. I have been married almost 20 years to the same woman. We have 8 children together. She has been verbally and physically abusive for at least the last decade or so.

In 2009, she was arrested for trying to stab me to death in front of our minor children. She was given a 1 year probation and ordered to undergo anger management. She was kept out of the home for a year due to a restrictive protection order. After roughly 1 year, I allowed her back in the home because she appeared to have changed quite a bit as a result of her anger-management classes and the shock of losing her family.

The change was short-lived.

In 2015, she was arrested again for felony enhanced domestic violence. Again she was removed from the home due to a protective order. I have had primary custody of the kids since 03.10.2015. I filed for divorce. We just had a custody hearing in front of Judge Larry Noll in San Antonio, TX. Judge Noll only allowed 30 minutes for each side to make their arguments, in a case that involved 8 children, 20 years of married, and two felony domestic violence arrests.

On October 21, 2016, in the middle of Domestic Violence Awareness month, Judge Noll had the audacity to rule that, as a man, I could not possibly had a fear of my wife, therefore I could not possibly have been a victim of domestic violence. Judge Noll ruled that the children be yanked away from the stable environment that I have provided for them, and be given to their violent and abusive mother.

I am not a weak punk. I was simply raised that it was not right to hit a woman, so I didn’t. I did what the government told me. I did what my schools told me. I did what my mother told me. At the end of the day, Judge Larry Noll basically said that women have a right to abuse men, and men have no legal complaint when they do.

This may sound made up, but it is not. You can verify everything that I have said. I have posted public records at Judge Larry Noll Rules That Men Cannot Be Victims of Domestic Violence.

Andrew L Goss

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  • Andrew L Goss/Mike Buchanan – a dear friend of mine, perfect loving, adequate in every way, law abiding father that was alloted 12hrs per week visitation, was told that by a judge that he “was a SPERM DONOR and a PAY CHEQUE! GET USE TO IT”! <<<Those words exactly. Then to add insult to injury, the judge fined him $1000 and took away 4 of his meager 12hrs/week of visitation. This same judge is presiding over a high profile murder case in Canada. When sentencing the accused, this judge sentenced the accused on grounds that don't even exist in Canadian law! Google "Travis Vader". So.. there ya go. Judges that aren't fit to preside in any way shape or form! So sorry for you. The family courts system is a corrupt money maker. Keeps lawyers and judges in the money by making fathers fight with their hard earned money, just to see their own flesh and blood and in your case, keep your children safe. Sinful! Judges should be held accountable!

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