Ched Evans: Footballer found not guilty of hotel rape

Our thanks to a number of people for sending us links to this good news. It goes without saying that the original conviction – following which he was imprisoned for two years – was a gross miscarriage of justice.

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  • read about some disgusting reasoning that was thankfully _not_ followed in this case: “Lady Justice Hallett, one of the country’s top judges, said that these events were so similar to what Mr Evans had described that a jury had to hear about them before deciding whether the woman had been incapable of giving her consent.

    However, critics will say that this ruling on when a victim’s sexual past can be scrutinised sets the bar far too low – and it may deter rape victims from coming forward out of fear of being interrogated.”

    And the “forbidden evidence” would include this:

    “It said that two other men who had sex with the woman had described their encounters with her in highly specific terms that were virtually indistinguishable from Mr Evans’s own account of what had happened.

    One of the encounters occurred days before the alleged rape – and the other in the days that followed.

    On each occasion the woman had been drinking heavily and the sex occurred in a very specific way – including the words she used to encourage her partner.”

    • Finally some sort of justice for Mr. Evans. However little movement on the stacking of the rules of evidence in favour of the State. Any defendant faces the full might of the “Crown”. Unlimited resources of the state to prosecute. This is the reason there are some protections and presumptions of innocence for defendants because they don’t face the complainant in court but prosecution by the “Crown”. There will be cause for celebration if this case at least starts the revision of the current perversions of due process in such cases..

  • For what it’s worth, I believe this woman’s identity needs to be publicised. To prevent her making similar allegations against others.

  • Time to bring back the old justice code regarding rape. If a woman is willing to follow a man to a hotel room for the night, she should not be able to file rape charges. And women need to be informed of this rule, so that if they are not sure if they want to have sex, they should not agree to go to a hotel room with a man for the night. It is very simple and clear and will protect both women and men. Why not adopt this law ?