57-year-old woman, foster ‘carer’, physically assaulted a disabled 8-year-old boy in her ‘care’. He has various medical problems including severe epilepsy, and is unable to communicate. Suspended sentence.

Our thanks to Steven for this. Key extracts:

The boy suffered from various medical problems including severe epilepsy. He wore a padded helmet and had special needs. He was unable to communicate.

The 57-year-old woman, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, became his foster carer because his parents were unable to look after him.

During the incident in January 2014, the witness saw the woman slap the child on both sides of the face with her palm and the back of her hand.

She also took hold of the helmet, pulled his head back and forced food into his mouth with her fingers.

“He saw this sequence several times,” said prosecutor Helen McCormack. “He was shocked by what he saw.”

The woman denied cruelty to a child, but was convicted in August…

Recorder David Jeremy QC told her: “Your reaction to treating a vulnerable child in this way was to lie throughout. You refused to accept the jury’s verdict despite clear and overwhelming evidence.

“You have chosen to hide away in a state of delusional denial. I have no doubt you present a continuing risk to anyone who opposes you.”

The judge was given an assurance that the woman would not be allowed to foster any other children.

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  • epistemol

    Recorder David Jeremy QC told her: “Your reaction to treating a vulnerable child in this way was to lie throughout. ”

    Where else have we seen this “lying” lately?

    Oh yes, I know it’s in the news (again) now. The Ched Evans case, not guilty after all as new evidence comes to light, exposing the lies of the plaintiff.

    And most shockingly, in Canada – the Jian Ghomeshi case where multiple women conspired beforehand to lie about what he HADN’T done.

    As luck would have it, they were not especially competent at lying, and Ghomeshi’s defence WERE very competent at sifting out the truth from the cobbled together fiction, served up under oath in a court of law ( without any penalty at all being imposed I should point out.)

    Add to this the standard lying proceedure and policy of the femarxists on one hand, and the and money grubbing career victims on the other, and it is quite clear that instead of women ‘never lying’, it would be more accurate to claim that they always lie.
    The late Angry Harry (whose web site is now being hosted by AVFM) used to calculate that ninety per cent of all allegations HAD to be

    Initially seeming like an over estimate, it’s beginning to look as if this might be right after all.

  • cheannaich

    Did you see it? Did you? That good old ‘pussy pass’ played yet again. Anonymity and zero jail time. What would have been the punishment for any man found guilty of the same crime, especially if the victim had been a girl? Plus it would have got into the national papers.