Emily Thornbury MP, shadow foreign secretary, plays the sexism card to distract viewers from her incompetence

The odious feminist Labour MP Emily Thornberry (I know, the word ‘odious’ is superfluous) is the shadow foreign secretary, and as such would be expected to know the names of key political figures, especially the names of those in the EU in the run-up to Brexit talks. Our thanks to Jeff and David for this, and a tip of the hat to Sky News presenter Dermot Murnaghan. Extracts:

The shadow foreign secretary has accused a TV interviewer of “sexism” after he asked her to name the French foreign minister.

Emily Thornberry criticised Sky News presenter Dermot Murnaghan for “pub-quizzing” her as they discussed Brexit talks, saying it was “patronising”…

The interview has sparked a wave of debate online.

Isabel Hardman, the assistant editor of The Spectator, tweeted: “Hum. Never realised I could just use ‘sexism’ as a cover-all excuse for not doing my homework.”…

Matt Chorley of the Times newspaper tweeted: “It would have been sexist if Murnaghan had asked Thornberry about Bake Off. Or her hairdresser. Not who she might talk to in government.”

Leader of the Scottish Conservatives Ruth Davidson tweeted: “Plenty of genuine sexism & misogyny in politics. Don’t need prominent women debasing the term to cover their own poor performance. Jeez.” [Note: Wrong, Ms Davidson. There’s plenty of anti-male sexism in politics, and misandry. Female MPs over-represented in the cabinet, all-women PPC shortlists, Jess Phillips MP?]

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