Rihanna and Anne Hathaway to join all-female Ocean’s Eleven spin-off

Our thanks to Sean for this piece in The Guardian. From near the end:

The news comes after reports that the all-female Ghostbusters reboot will lose $70m (£54m), making further instalments unlikely.

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  • The all female Ghostbusters is set to lose a damn sight more that $75m. The rule of thumb is that the studio recoups about 50% of gross and the world-wide gross looks set to top out at $200m. Production and marketing costs for this man-bashing, feminist turkey were about $300m so losses will be of the order of $200m.
    Add to that the fact that this sinks any chance of rebooting Ghostbusters into what could have been a multi-billion dollar franchise and the magnitude of this financial disaster becomes apparent.
    It’s always a pleasure to see feminist hubris getting a dose of hard cold reality.
    But hey what’s a few billion when it comes to celebrating Girrl Power?
    I’m looking forward to the all female Saving Private Ryan (based on a true story).

  • Actually I’m all for such experimentations. For when they don’t put “bums on seats” then they close down the daft debates for a bit.
    In a similar way I’ve been intrigued by the hard work by the Beeb to find female “ones to watch” on the run up to the Olympics. With the inevitable corollary that the actual medal winners to watch have not been those at all thus far (because I suppose we couldn’t be “watching” males however good).

  • daddybones45

    I got involved in last night’s explosion of #FeministAMovie puns on Twitter after some simpering media cuck said MORE Hollywood classics should be remade (ruined) this way. It was hilarious. Crybabies came out in force and the tag was quickly de-trended by TwittPolice but some big laughs were to be had. Some highlights of my own work include:

    * Hubby, I Took The Kids
    * Driving Miss Andry
    * Who Boiled Roger’s Rabbit?
    * Invasion of the Bodyshamers
    * Degrading Private Ryan
    * Childless In Seattle
    * Blaming John Malkovich
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