Amy Barnes, 19, drunk single mother, and her drunk friend Scarlett Kinsella, 20, battered mother desperately searching for missing son

Our thanks to Bryn for this. Excerpts:

Terrified Elizabeth Hind was dragged into the road where she was almost hit by a car before being kicked and punched and dragged around by her hair. A boozed-up single mother and her savage pal battered a woman as she desperately searched for her missing son.

Vile Amy Barnes, 19, and her 20-year-old best friend Scarlett Kinsella launched the terrifying attack on Elizabeth Hind as the mother searched pubs for her missing son. The duo were in the middle of their regular weekend drinking session when they set upon the terrified mother…

Magistrates heard how Barnes, who receives Income Support, and Disability Living Allowance for her Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder had a previous caution for drink related violence.

She appeared to show no remorse for beating and said it was ”something you just do when you’re drunk” to a probation officer…

Jobless hairdresser Kinsella, who claims Jobseeker’s Allowance, had a previous caution for being drunk and disorderly.

This week the pair, both of Nelson, Lancashire, admitted assault causing actual bodily harm but escaped with a 12 month community order. They were each ordered to pay £50 compensation and £170 in costs and surcharges.



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  • Such fine, upstanding pillars of society, such single mothers are an inspiration to us all.

  • l8in

    ugly…but –
    i dont like the reporting of what benefits the guilty are receiving.
    is it meant to create more hate and division amongst people ?

    • rahsoft2015

      i dont like the reporting of what benefits the guilty are receiving.
      ask yourself the question
      if you are recieving income support/jsa etc, how are you funding your binge drinking?
      “The duo were in the middle of their regular weekend drinking session”

      this isn’t same as where some idiot ( like jamie oliver or IDS) tells people to stop their sky tv or sell the tv to fund their lifestyle, but again when you are on such benefits you have to ask what is your priority in life? especially when you have a child.

      maybe the hate people feels for these two is that they are getting a pass for their behaviour. maybe they need to attend AA.

      the public tend to get upset when their concerns are not listened to ( referendum), being asked to suffer austerity cuts and yet fund these two non contributers to society.

      I’m all for people receiving benefits( I want more generous ones for our most vunerable members of soceity), but even I acknowledge that it comes with an expectation to take some responsibility for your life or at least your actions.

      have a good day

      • l8in

        thank you. i have been noticing the language used to spread division, fear and loathing over the last few years.
        yours, sadly, just seems to add to the problem.