The Brexit blockers: Bitter losers from all parties gang up to plot to stop Britain’s exit from the EU – which was voted for by 17 million people

Scandalous. Predictable.

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I'm a men's human rights advocate, writer, and publisher. My primary focus is leading the political party I launched in 2013, Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them). I still work actively on two campaigns I launched in early 2012, Campaign for Merit in Business and the Anti-Feminism League. In 2014 I launched The Alternative Sexism Project, aiming to raise public understanding that the sexism faced by men and boys has far more grievous consequences than the sexism faced by women and girls.
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  • Brexit is the revolt of the beta males. They have been exploited past the point of slavery by the economic overlords and feminism. If their voices are not heard at the ballot box, they will be heard in another, less pretty fashion. As I have predicted in post after post, the tyrants will not negotiate the righteous grievances of the oppressed, they will double down on their tyranny. The everyday Brits are being told to “Let them eat cake” by billionaires and the political elite. Revolution is brewing. A blind man can see it.

  • daddybones45

    I don’t honestly think a decision worth untold billions to a banking élite will ever really be handed to the masses. I can’t see a leave happening at all. I can see some dithering, clauses of treaties and all manner of reasons why we end up staying.

    • I am very afraid you might be right. It’s like Hotel California – you can check out but never leave.

  • epistemol

    “Scandalous and predictable”.
    (Yes, although the second slightly reduces the first perhaps)
    Never the less, this is why the referendum was just the opening battle, the war is yet to come as the first two correspondents point out.
    The intial victory must be defended vigorously or it will have been pointless.
    As for Camorons shameless pretence of emotion in Downing St., backed up by his exhibtionist missus’s
    crocodile tears, they were merely setting the tone for the multiple attempted deceptions to come.

  • If leaving the EU will help the standing of the average man, then that’s a great thing, and all countries should follow.
    But at least personally, I do not think there is a connection between these two issues.
    Even after Britain ‘ leaves’ EU, men’s standing in British society will not change in any way, unless men fight for it.
    After leaving the EU, women will still be treated in a preferential manner, men will still be robbed of their kids and families, prisons will still overflow with male prisoners. In fact, Britain has a higher ratio of male prisoners vs female, than most other EU countries. So do not blame the plight of men on the EU. Fair treatment and equality under the law is something men will have to fight for, whether they are in the EU or not.

  • So David Cameron and his tory party get elected on the promise of holding a referendum on EU membership. During the campaign he promises to invoke Article 50 immediately should the brexit vote win. So the Brexit vote does win, Cameron does not invoke Article 50, he resigns, then claims it will be the job of the new leader. So he breaks his promise, and shirks his responsibility to the British people who elected him. If all this is correct, all I can say is what a spineless individual.