Man in Lycra ‘with an erection’ hunted by Manchester city centre police

Our thanks to Stuart for this. Priceless. An extract:

A GMP spokesman later said: “At 4.19pm, GMP received a call from a female reporting a suspicious male in his 50s wearing Lycra cycling shorts with what she thought was an erection at the tram stop in Piccadilly.”

It shouldn’t be allowed.

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  • LOL …. what an idiot woman. Criminal erection?

  • It is easy to laugh. But with regard to a previous piece on “Sexual Risk Orders” a hapless cyclist could well have found himself entangled with the police and they may have applied for and got a civil order. For instance if the woman reporting was young the “suspicious behaviour” and visible erection could well be enough to get a civil order if the man was 50+ and deemed “powerful”.

  • This would have to happen in Piccadilly. LOL. Maybe he was hoping that his dilly would be “picked.”

    Or maybe she merely imagined this (wishful thinking?). I can just see a woman loitering around Piccadilly seeing “dillies” where there aren’t any.

  • The answer is don’t wear Lycra cycling shorts. They look appalling anyway.

    • Could you be any more stupid? I will wear what ever the hell I want to!
      Just like women who wear a thong and falsely cry ‘rape’ because you actually looked at her! Can you believe the police actually spent time and money on this even though the women admitted there was no aggressive behavior from the innocent gentleman?????

      • I do believe that the police could and did spend time on this “allegation”, ridiculous as it was, because of a very real fear that if they did not, allegations would be made against them.
        It is more than high time something was done about the victim culture in which there are substantial financial incentives to be offended, but in the meantime the sensible thing is to do nothing that might provoke any “victim” group – the largest of which is young women.

  • epistemol

    An over vivid imagination combined with wishful thinking make a powerful force.
    See under ”hysteria”.