Isotta Guttadauro, 49, attacked a woman in her 80s with a claw hammer. Suspended sentence.

Our thanks to Stuart for this. An excerpt:

Unhappy about being refused use of the upstairs toilet, Guttadauro left the house, returning a few minutes later clutching a claw hammer and shouting, “Where is she, where is she?”

After forcing her way into the house she confronted the victim saying “You treat me like a dog” and raised the claw hammer.

After the victim and her friend had grabbed the hammer, Guttadauro left and the police were called. When they went to her house, she was threatening to jump from an upstairs window.

An officer pulled her back from the window and she claimed that when she went back to the woman’s house for a second time she didn’t realise she was carrying the claw hammer.

If I had a pound for every time I’d become drunk, and forced my way into old women’s houses, not realising I was carrying a claw hammer… Another excerpt:

Sentencing Guttadauro to a 13 and half month jail sentence, suspended for two years, and 80 hours of unpaid work, Judge (Jonathan) Carroll said he did not accept the defendant’s claims that when she went to the victim’s home on the second occasion she had forgotten she had the claw hammer in her hand.

He said: “You wanted her to be intimidated. You attacked her because you were upset.”

But he accepted that she had behaved out of character that day.

Ah, the time-honoured ‘woman behaving out of character’ defence. Why does the criminal justice system bother arresting women, and putting them on trial? Why doesn’t the Ministry of Injustice simply declare that henceforth, women won’t be punished for breaking the law? We’re very close to that already.

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