Australian women’s football team thumped 7-0 by Newcastle under-15 boys team

The Australian women’s football team is ranked #5 in the world. They made it to the quarter finals of the last three World Cups. Our thanks to Keith for this.

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  • Hilarious! I guess they better stick to playing the under-13 boys’ teams. What are the bets that they are bitching and moaning about not being paid as much as the men?
    I know that the US team is.

  • GREAT! And completely unsurprising!

  • Good result

  • Not a keen football fan I recall national team losing to a club side on a visit here. A number of premier league sides appear to maintain a women’s team as a means to extend their fan base. The rarity of such teams confirmed by the fact that the current champions are so for the 11th time.
    RFL teams often have associated dance teams in a similar way.
    What is laughable, irritating and probably self defeating is the earnest inclusion of events in “Women’s football” in the BBC,s sports news reporting. self defeating because the accompanying pictures contrast so obviously with the scale of those from the men’s game.
    It reminds me very much of the similarly worthy promotion of Women’s Cricket thirty odd years ago. Anyone remember the Ms. Hahoe-Flint ( now apparently a Tory peer). The point being of course Women’s cricket is still pottering along now all but ignored by the Beeb. Contrary to assertions it would “take off”.

  • What’s most amazing still is the fact that even after calamities such as this one, feminists still demand equal pay for the female players and men on chivalrous grounds keep quiet.
    But everyone knows they do not perform to men’s standards, not even to boy’s.

  • I think the BBC shows a lot of women’s sport A) because it’s PC to do so, and B) because it’s cheap – no competition for the rights because it’s boring.