Game of Crones: Reign of the Drama Queens

An interesting piece by Doug Mortimer, an American. An extract:

For the record, here’s the manifesto from Howl Round, a website which pertains to all things theatrical:

“We can envision a near future in which all American Theatre seasons are overflowing with works written and directed by women.

We can conceive of the myriad outstanding plays by people of color and Native artists being produced nationwide.

We can foresee LBGTQIA creators hired to write, direct, and choreograph in every theater in the United States of America.

We can anticipate artists with disabilities in every role the theater has to offer, onstage and off.

We plan to celebrate this vision with a Jubilee year in 2020, in which every theater in the United States of America produces only works by women, people of color, artists of varied physical and cognitive ability, and/or LGBTQA artists.”

Interesting to note that even these people are confused by the proliferation of gender identities, as they first say LBGTQIA, and then LGBTQA. Thanks to Urban Dictionary for bringing me up to date by defining “I” and “A” as “intersexual” and “asexual.”  “Intersexual” was a new one on me, but it seems to be a neologism meaning hermaphroditism. Nothing like old wine in new bottles for seeing through a glass darkly. Of course, by the time 2020 gets here, that LBGTQIA acronym will surely be larger. (Guinness, take note: the result should occur in the world’s longest horizontal eye chart!)

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  • It’s all good, as long as it excludes the people who actually build the theaters.

  • So all white men playwrights should attend the soup kitchens set aside for all “privileged” poor.

  • William Gruff

    2020? The BBC has just committed itself to giving half the plum jobs to women by 2020. Coincidence?