The violinist who couldn’t listen to music after being falsely accused of rape

Our thanks to M for this. An extract:

The fact the case against him was so weak made it all the more astonishing: Wen Zhou’s accuser had asked to be allowed to return to study under him, which she did for a number of years after the alleged incident was claimed to have taken place. Even her parents asked Wen Zhou to accept her as a pupil again.

The charge was withdrawn in March after it emerged that the complainant had made allegations against another teacher in another country, but that no charges had been brought.

“The judge said, ‘Mr Li, you can go out of the court with your head held high and no stain on your character. You are not guilty. Case dismissed.’”

Did he feel euphoria? “I had very mixed feelings; I was overwhelmed. I wanted an apology. I felt very angry towards my accuser.”

The tragedy is that this brilliant and much-admired teacher now feels he won’t ever be able to teach again. “You have to touch children when you teach them the violin, but I feel dirty if I touch them. They could accuse me at any time. I’m not prepared to put my family at risk. Society has put me in this situation and I feel sad about that.”

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  • daddybones45

    This problem is never going to go away until accusers face the most severe penalties and agencies who act without evidence or reason are stripped of jurisdiction. Bring back Grand Juries!

    • William Gruff

      ‘Like’, ‘Thumbs Up’, ‘Agree’ and everyone one of the numerous other options for expressing agreement on the internet.

      • daddybones45

        It seems to have been forgotten that police, judges, peers – and not even the monarch – are above the Law. It’s no longer possible to use the corporatised UK legal system for tort justice, however. A return to grand jury indictments and Common Law courts are th eonly way forward.