Constance Briscoe, 58, is thrown out of the legal profession after lying to police investigating the Chris Huhne speeding points scandal

Our thanks to M for informing us of some good news. The end of the article:

The barrister lost the right to appeal of her conviction in 2015, but avoided paying court costs of £89,246.33 after revealing she owed the taxman £150,000, and had been forced to sell her flat to her son to raise capital.

The Bar Standards Board found that Briscoe had engaged in conduct which was dishonest and discreditable to a barrister, engaged in conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice, and diminished public confidence in the legal profession.

As a result, she has been banned from the profession.

Tribunal chair Veronica Hammerton, said: ‘Ms Briscoe’s actions were a serious and consistent departure from professional standards.

‘This is a serious matter, and it is quite clear that serious harm has been caused to the administration of justice and to the reputation of the Bar.

‘It is an aggravating fact that she tried to blame the police for inaccuracy in a witness statement.

‘She has continued to maintain she is not guilty of the offences for which she is convicted.

‘No other sentence can be imposed other than disbarment.’

Briscoe, of Clapham, who was not present at the hearing.

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  • epistemol

    The World would be a so much better place if it were run by women, don’t you think?
    Everyone being gentle and kind, considerate and law abiding.
    No corruption or lies, no deceit, no pursuing self interest or money.
    No chasing after power or status – there would be only honesty and justice, truthfulness, decency, observance of rules and fairness to all.
    No need for laws or fines or any other kind of sanction since there would be no misrepresentation or injustice in that femtopia.
    No need for police, or rules since no one would do wrong anyway.
    Britain’s industrial potential, and indeed whole status in the world would skyrocket if universities stopped teaching “science”, “maths”, “engineering” and other quaint, out of date irrelevancies and concentrated on gender studies and herstory.
    Yet, amazingly, there are still those who claim not to believe in this progressive lived femtasy.

  • William Gruff

    Yet again we see that women apparently have no concept of professional ethics. Could it be that this has always been known, which is why they were always excluded from the professions?

    For women, the end always justifies the means. As long as they get what they want the means are justified. That mentality precludes the observance of ethical standards. The only way forward is to look back to the past and reapply the lessons learned long ago, probably the hard way.

  • daddybones45

    Having seen a fair bit of reportage covering the decline of Briscoe’s reputation over the last couple of years, it does seem as if her entire career has been built on lies – and she does seemed to have escaped discovery until now because of her sex and race. The latest findings certainly cast huge doubts over the veracity of any of the claims made in her bestselling “autobiography,” wherein she claims serious ongoing abuse from her mother, who became engaged in an awful libel battle. Constance seems to be a prime example of a selfish, vainglorious sociopath whose ultimate aim was to host her own TV show and be perceived by adoring public as a victim-turned-heroine. Laura Bates is cut from similar cloth.

  • Oh what a shame, that her flat in london is only worth £150K