Police accused of ‘cherry-picking and air-brushing’ evidence after case collapses against four students from top agricultural college who spent TWO YEARS accused of raping woman

Our thanks to M for this. The latest CPS anti-male show trial has collapsed, this time with four young men branded as alleged rapists across the mainstream media, while the woman (as always) will remain anonymous.

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  • This is corruption of the criminal justice system, pure and simple. Don’t forget how video tape evidence was corrupted in the Mark Pearson case, the alleged sexual assault of a 60-something actress in Waterloo station.

  • epistemol

    This is a result of pressure brought on the police from above to get rape convictions up at any cost.
    This means charges must be brought in the first place of course.
    The delay came about as the police and CPS struggled (and perhaps argued) over how to proceed with a hopeless case which they knew could not succeed, but which policy demanded MUST proceed anyway.
    It was only eventually stopped by the court system – should this be circumvented, or corrupted as with university investigation boards for example, then we are all in severe danger.
    IF there is a positive aspect, it is that it brings forward the day when the use of rape as a weapon will have been destroyed by it’s own proponent’s (over) use of it.
    I wonder if the revered, respected and much loved Alison Saunders could throw any more light on this case?