NHS Scotland is carrying out MGM at taxpayers’ expense. FGM is a serious crime.

Our thanks to John for this. The start of the piece from NHS Forth Valley:

Some parents’ religion or belief means that they will want their male child to be circumcised as soon as possible after birth. NHS Scotland has developed a pathway to make sure that circumcisions can take place once it is clinically safe to do so.

Note: Female genital mutilation, sometimes referred to as female circumcision, is a serious crime and must not be supported by the NHS. It should be reported immediately as a child protection issue whether planned or undertaken in the UK or abroad.



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  • epistemol

    Mutilating small girls is a serious reportable crime.
    Small boys are ok though.

  • l8in

    stop cutting children…

  • taca3

    So there it is, in black and white, the admission that the proceedure is non-therapeutic surgery, but religiously motivated, and perpetrated on those who can not consent. It therefore amounts to not only a squandering of tight NHS resources but a serious breach of all recognized medical ethics, and it is also against the law. How can they get away with this?

  • http://antimisandry.com/circumcision-male-genital-mutilation/59710.htm#post363187

    “The problem is that the law on genital mutilation is one of those ones in the UK which proves that males are not equal under the law. Females get protection, males do not. In fact, the NHS won’t even use the terms I have used in this post. According to the NHS, there is no difference between ‘genital mutilation’ for males and ‘circumcision’; implying that whatever might happen to your balls and penis (crushed, split, minced, boiled…) it is all, in their view, legal circumcision. And the UK law backs that up: for males, your appendix has better legal protection than your genitals.”