Founder of online fashion shop Asos is forced to pay his ex-wife £70 MILLION after a High Court divorce battle sparked when he moved in with PA 15 years younger than him

Our thanks to David for this. He writes:

I imagine the settlement is above the minimum wage?

An excerpt from the article:

Mr Justice Holman said Mr Robertson was the ‘money maker’ in the marriage but Mrs Robertson had been an ‘excellent home-maker and an excellent mother’.

Both had ‘contributed equally’ when living together, said the judge. But, he said, Mr Robertson had worked on his business project before marrying.

The marriage lasted nine years. So, what was the value placed by Mr Justice Holman on the woman being ‘an excellent home-maker and an excellent mother’?

£21,308.98 for every day of the marriage

Lest Mr Robertson consider marrying his PA, I’ll have to point him towards our associated website Men Shouldn’t Marry.

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  • I suspect he will have a pre-nup next time round. And, like Gary Lineker, will not have children with his new partner.

    • Courts in the UK aren’t bound by pre-nups or post-nups, and he could still be liable to make a huge settlement even if he never marries the woman. If he’s the victim of paternity fraud, the state won’t come to his rescue. The Crown never prosecutes women for paternity fraud, even when it knows the women’s identities and addresses (e.g. when men pay for paternity tests in an effort to show the CSA they’re not the fathers of individual children).

  • There is no justification for this kind of settlement. This is just blatant legalized theft. You should consider an award for misandric judges to join your other outstanding list of awards.

  • I didn’t bother reading the article because information regarding the multiple Risks men take by getting married are too numerous and well documented for easy access by anyone. If, you volunteer to engage in legalised prostitution then, you will “pay” significantly for having sexual access. Gents marriage is a bloody business for women and the GOVT always remember this fact and you pay the bill.