Lucian Valsan interviews Hannah Wallen of the Honey Badger Brigade

Hannah Wallen is a highly regarded American Honey Badger, whose YouTube channel is here. Her self-desciption there:

My name is Hannah Wallen. I am female, middle-aged, and married to a divorcee, with children from both marriages. While feminists describe institutionalized oppression of women, I’ve realized that the opposite is true. I’ve seen female-on-male abuse among friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers.

I’ve seen a lot of injustice in the court system related to some of these conflicts, including male friends and family who have been subjected to false allegations of domestic abuse. Some of my close friends have been subjected to traumatic, long-term ordeals of malicious prosecution by vexatious litigants in response to custody battles and bitterness over dissolved relationships.

The events and circumstances I’ve witnessed have led me to speak out against a system heavily weighted against men, from a perspective not obstructed by the rose colored glasses through which feminism views my gender.

Hannah will be joining us at the London conference, although she won’t be giving a presentation.

Lucian Valsan is the European News Director, AVFM Operations LLC. He’s a Romanian libertarian-conservative, polyglot, and staunch non-feminist. He runs the YouTube channel Freedom Alternative. At the London conference his talk title will be, ‘The Status of Men in Continental Europe: Ideology, Legislation, and Activism’.

Lucian recently interviewed Hannah for his YouTube channel, the result is here, a little more than an hour long. Enjoy.

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